10 Best Dogs In Video Games, Ranked

The recently released Stray The concept may be strange, but the game, which sees players stepping into a cat’s paws in a futuristic world, was one of the first to feature a playable cat at its heart. However, their fellow canines have been headlining games for much longer.

There are many great dogs in video games. They cover the full gamut of more obscure domestic dogs (like Bern from the indie title unreal life) to larger-than-life wolves from high-profile games (like Sif from Dark Souls). However, some games make dogs intimate and integral parts of the experiences. These are the dogs that make up the core identity of the games they come from.


10 Hewie – Haunting Ground (2005)

Penetrating ground is one of the most underrated games Capcom has ever released. Players control Fiona, a young woman trapped in an ominous castle. She is practically defenseless against the many evil pursuers that haunt the castle. However, she does have a gun, and it’s her canine companion.

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Hewie is a dog that Fiona befriends in the castle grounds. Hewie can be used to attack and retrieve items. He acts as Fiona’s only real attack and defense throughout the game, and players are likely to become very attached to him by the end. Although players need to coach him for the early game as he doesn’t immediately listen to all commands which can be frustrating.

9 Arcanine – Pokémon Red and Blue (1996)

There are many great legendary Pokemon based on dogs. However, when it comes to the best canine Pokémon, a pseudo-legend comes first. Arcanine has been in the franchise since the first generation. Its pre-evolution, Growlithe, is also popular for its cuteness.

As it evolves, it becomes much larger and more impressive. The anime played a big part in making Arcanine so iconic by using him as a cop’s partner. The tap and move pool has also given him a ton of utility in combat. Although rarely used in competition, it is still one of the most iconic of the original 151.

That metal gears Series has many companions. Characters constantly tune into the codec to help the protagonists. Regarding dogs, Metal Gear Rising has Blade Wolf, a robotic wolf with attitude. When it comes to dogs, D-Dog is by MGSV is definitely the one who takes the cake.

D-Dog, also known as DD and Wild Puppy, is an optional crew member who can be overlooked. However, players should definitely seek him out as he not only brings some much-needed lightness to Venom Snake’s life but is also great at gameplay. He can be used to distract and attack enemies, and even has access to the Fulton System, allowing him to extract POWs. What a good boy he is.

7 Onslaught – Mega Man 3 (1990)

Rush the robot dog from MegaMan, debuted in the third entry of the series. Despite his late introduction, he became a staple of the franchise. He plays with the boy and his dog imagery, which is fitting given Mega Man’s youthful nature. Of course, he’s not just a dog that has a variety of different tools.

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Most famous is his Rush Coil, which turns him into a source that Mega Man can use to reach high places. He also has Jet, Sub, and Drill forms. Arguably his most powerful tools are his Super Adapter forms, which fuse him with Mega Man for immeasurable power. Rush is such an iconic dog that he even made it smash bros next to its owner.

6 Dogmeat – Fallout Series (1997 – )

Technically, Dogmeat is not an individual dog. This name appears throughout Stand out Series. It was even given to a robot once. The only constant thing, however, is that anything with that name will be one of them Stand outthe best companions.

Dogmeat will always be fearless in protecting its master. He is a protective companion to have as you explore the wasteland. In his Fallout 3 He imagined appearing to seek revenge for the death of his former master. He truly embodies the loyalty that makes dogs so special.

5 Parappa – PaRappa the Rapper (1996)

Rappa the rapper is one of the most bizarre games on the PlayStation. It has a simple paper-like art style and a bizarre world filled with talking animal and food characters. It’s also one of the best rhythm games of all time. Part of that is due to the contagious energy of his titular canine status.

Parappa is a dog boy who lives in a cartoon town. He has a crush on a literal flower girl named Sunny Funny and embarks on a quest to better himself in order to win her over. He masters these new skills and pursuits by rapping his instructors’ directions. It’s very odd, but it makes him one of the most charismatic dogs in gaming.

4 Isabelle – Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2012)

As a franchise full of cute animals, animal crossing had to have some great dogs. There are many dog ​​villagers that will warm the hearts of players. Of course, there’s also KK Slider, the musician dog who’s been in the franchise from the start. However, there’s one pooch that eclipsed them all, despite showing up long after the series began.

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Isabelle first appeared as the mayor’s assistant Animal crossing new leaf. Since the player took on the role of mayor in this game, it was important to have a leader who could guide them through the game. However, Isabelle was more than just a tutorial, she was extremely knowledgeable and approachable to players. This continued to earn her roles and popularity in the games thereafter New page.

3 Rocket – Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (2010)

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is one of the best mystery games on the Nintendo DS. It also comes with a built-in reference to the developer’s previous DS mystery series, Ace Attorney. Dogs in both games are called Missile. While Ace Attorney‘s Shiba is cute, ghost trick‘s Pomeranian is among the best dogs in all of gaming history.

Missile is the lapdog of supporting characters Lynn and Kamila. However, given how ghosts work, the player was able to talk to the little pooch, who had a vigorous attitude and strong loyalty to their owners. Later in the game, Missile even gained ghost abilities of her own. With them, he was able to save the day, protect his masters, and fix the emotional plot of the game. What a good boy!

2 Dog – Fable II (2008)

Perhaps it’s fitting that a game with a generic name like fable would give his dog a similarly generic name. Dog is perhaps the most memorable part of the Xbox classic fable II, although. The dog is with the player character from the beginning of the game. They follow them and defend them from invading enemies.

What really made Dog memorable was his sacrifice. During the boss fight with Lucien, the dog protects the hero from a bullet. It’s a brave sacrifice that really exemplifies what the relationship really means. At the end of the game, the player can get one of three rewards, and it is significant that most players chose to revive the dog.

1 Amaterasu-Okami (2006)

Whether wolves are technically dogs is debatable. Whether the protagonist of OkamiThat Amaterasu is a wolf or a dog is also debated as she displays traits of both. What is certain is that she is one of the greatest video game dogs ever. She is a powerful sun goddess who reincarnates in the body of a white wolf/dog and uses her immense power to save ancient Japan.

On her adventure she will learn a variety of Celestial Brush techniques. These allow her to directly access the environment to alter the reality around her. This power in the hands of a white dog allowed her to vanquish demon after demon. After all, Amaterasu returned to the sky to gaze over the land she had saved.

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