10 Best Entrance Theme Songs From The WWE New Generation Era

In the early to late 1990s WWE began pushing a new group of wrestlers to the top of the card and began promoting these wrestlers as The New Generation. Several legend-now wrestlers were beginning to develop their main event talents around this time, including Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

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As for the opening themes of The New Generation, many good ones and some great ones are remembered nearly 30 years later. Some of these themes are purely instrumental, some contain lyrics, and some contain both. In any case, they are all unforgettable in their own way.


10 Hart Attack – Bret Hart

After Bret Hart became a singles wrestler, Jimmy Hart and JJMaguire’s “Hart Attack” were brought in to play Bret in the ring. The song begins with a loud electric guitar, followed by drums and a combination of both throughout the song. For fans of rock music, “Hart Attack” tells the story of Bret’s intensity in his matches through guitar alone.

“Hart Attack” remained Bret’s opening theme for the remainder of his first WWE tenure, which is appropriate given how well it suits his personality and talent in the ring.

9 Golden – Goldust

When Dustin Rhodes began portraying the Goldust gimmick in 1995, “Golden” was made to convey his over-the-top personality through the drums and glittery sound effects. WWE complemented this theme with glitter falling from the arena ceilings as Goldust performed.

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“Golden” also exuded a stage production vibe consistent with Goldust’s fascination with Hollywood films. This theme was a good choice to introduce WWE fans to Goldust’s eccentric personality.

8th Sexy Boy – Shawn Michaels

“Sexy Boy” was originally sung by Sensational Sherri, Shawn’s manager, when this theme was introduced. Shawn sang the version that became permanent, which was a good idea since Shawn’s voice made this song so captivating. Shawn was very arrogant and flamboyant in the new generation era, which he was able to make work with his talents in the ring.

“Sexy Boy” exudes the mood of a handsome man and he knows it when he talks about making his admirers tremble and weak in his presence. The sound effects of “Oh, Oh, Shawn!” At the very beginning, emphasize the message of the topic; Shawn knew he was a star and flaunted it.

7 Hell Frozen – Steve Austin

In developing his “Stone Cold” persona and catchphrase “Austin 3:16,” “Hell Frozen Over” was the theme intended to convey Austin’s anti-hero attitude, while the drums and guitars let fans know Steve was into it to beat up his opponents.

This song was important in establishing Steve Austin as a top wrestler because it fitted his personality so well and told his story through the instruments alone.

6 Cemetery Symphony – The Undertaker

Graveyard Symphony was and is a classic opening theme for The Undertaker because it conveyed the personality so well. The gong and lightning sound effects, along with the piano serving as background music, gave off the atmosphere of a funeral director in a graveyard at night.

Whenever Undertaker walked into a WWE arena to the tune of this song, the lights went out and slowly walking to the ring in his gear made the whole gimmick work.

5 Mastodon – Father

During Vader’s brief stint in WWE beginning in the New Generation Era, “Mastodon” made him sound like a domineering beast who would wreak havoc in the ring.

Between his voice initially saying, “Oh, it’s time, it’s Vader time!” and the guitar and drums that followed, the message was clear; Vader was tall and a tough wrestler.

4 Psycho Dance – Psycho Sid

When Sid first started working with the Psycho persona in the New Generation Era, “Psycho-Dance” was a good choice for both the song name and the instruments. The beginning of the song has horror movie-style sound effects to drown out Sid’s spooky vibes in the gimmick.

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The remainder of the song features some catchy drums and guitars designed to sound dark and psychotic to match the persona. Sid had two WWE Title reigns during that time, so this song added to his momentum.

3 Bad Boy – Razor Ramon

“Bad Boy” begins with a car crash sound effect, followed by a catchy drum and guitar set intended to portray Razor Ramon as a masculine tough guy. As Scott Hall walked to the ring in the Razor Ramon costume with his toothpick, this song added to the presentation.

The background music between the drums gave off an air of swagger and a guy to watch out for. Given how successful Razor was during the New Generation Era, this song suited him.

2 Diesel Blues – Diesel

When Kevin Nash found success as a singles wrestler during the New Generation, “Diesel Blues” was an ideal song for the Diesel personality. The song begins with the horn of a diesel truck followed by drums and guitars consistent with a dark tough guy.

The drums are very pronounced in this song, which is appropriate because Diesel was a big, big, and intense wrestler. When Diesel entered the arenas with this song, fans knew they were going to see a brawl in the ring.

1 With my baby tonight – Jesse James

This song was a 1995 collaboration between Jesse James, the future Road Dogg, and Jeff Jarrett. James provided the vocals for this country song about spending time with his significant other, although the song was presented as Jeff Jarrett’s matching song his Country Singer Personality.

This song was a secondary opening theme for Jarrett and James, but the lyrics and background music are so engaging and catchy that it is fondly remembered as Jarrett’s other theme at the time. Jarrett even performed this song at in your house 2, although he singed his lips throughout the concert.

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