10 best frozen foods at H Mart to get for under $16 (PHOTOS)

H Mart is an extremely popular supermarket chain.

It’s one of Asia’s premier food destinations for grabbing groceries, essentials, and even upscale items. Offering a wide variety of Asian and Western foods, these markets have it all.

Many reasons make it a unique place to shop, from the bakeries to the tasty snacks to the innovative food courts.

The frozen department is also unique.

The refrigerated shelves are stocked with some of the finest and most unique Asian foods that are very hard to find anywhere else.

Luckily for those who haven’t necessarily tried too many of these, we’ve given an in-depth look at all the items that are ready to defrost and cook for dinner, from kimchi pancakes to knife-cut noodles.

This is our pick of the best frozen foods at H Mart.

Wow, Seoul Rose Tteokbokki

H Mart

Dish Calgary

There are a few flavors of this frozen tteokbokki, a delicious rice cake that can be used in so many ways in so many different dishes (or all on its own).

Crunchy crunch hot dog

H Mart

Dish Calgary

Corn dogs are a classic frozen food, and one of the best frozen foods at H Mart is the Morean version, with meat wrapped in crunchy flakes and soft bread.

Fry squid

H Mart

Dish Calgary

Frozen stir-fries are popular because they’re a tasty and healthy dish that can be quickly stirred together. Using squid is a unique way to take this classic dish to the next level.

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Perilla Seeds Knife Cut Noodles

H Mart

Dish Calgary

Pasta cut with a knife has such a perfect texture and is also a sign of authenticity. Because they have to be handcrafted, you know there’s a certain level of care involved. With this option, you can bring elegant pasta into your kitchen to enjoy whenever you feel like it.

Korean BBQ

H Mart

Dish Calgary

Frozen meals are common at any grocery store or market, and these delicious Marinated Marine flavors include Korean Pork Belly, Chicken Bulgogi, and Grill Sticks.

HS pancakes

Korean pancakes

Dish Calgary

Whether for breakfast or dinner, these frozen pancakes are flavorful and come in a variety of flavors like kimchi, scallions, and leeks.

SOW shrimp


Dish Calgary

Frozen shrimp? Sure, it’s an ordinary article. But fried shrimp in cream sauce or coated in chili sauce? These are incredible on their own or thrown into a creative dish.

Spicy beef and vegetable soup


Dish Calgary

Soup is one food best suited to the freezer aisle, and having a few of these flavorful beef and vegetable soup pouches for a rainy (or sick) day is a great tip.

Shirakuku Takoyaki


Dish Calgary

Have you ever had takoyaki? The classic Japanese snack balls made with wheat and ingredients like squid are so delicious once defrosted. Bake, roast or fry these balls and drizzle with your favorite sauce – we recommend Kewpie Mayo.

Seaweed with clam chowder

shell soup

Dish Calgary

The next soup option on this list, this premium recipe is incredibly healthy and delicious, made with clams and seaweed.

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