10 Best Movies From 2002

Let’s take a trip back to the noughties and see the best movies of 2002!

Imagine the scene. Millennium by Robbie Williams was still ringing in our ears and people were still laughing that we all thought a Millennium bug would destroy all our technology.

Popper Pants were slowly on the way out, Pokemon was on the rise, and it was truly a glory time for the movie industry.

It was a great time for the nerds among us too, with some serious magic and even a bit of web crawling action to sink our teeth into.

Not a good year if you’re scared of spiders or orcs…

So let’s not waste any more time and dive straight into the best movies of 2002, the movies we still can’t get enough of and wish we could see again for the first time!

Gangs Of New York ranks 10th in this list of the best movies of 2002!

Anything Martin Scorsese sets his mind to becomes an instant classic, and with a cast that includes Dicaprio, Diaz and Day-Lewis, it’s no surprise that this was one of the best-selling and best films of 2002.

Did you know that it took Scorsese 20 years to make this film, writing and developing it from 1979 to 1999? That’s what I call a perfectionist at work!

No wonder it grossed over $193 million and was nominated for countless awards!

Best movies of 2002 - Men in Black 2

I liked the first Men in Black movie, but Men in Black II really kicked the ball rolling and gave us even more epic action with Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith.

The sequel didn’t have as good reviews as the original on the whole, but for fans of the comics and the sci-fi perfection created by Barry Sonnenfeld, I loved every second of it.

The visual effects are also excellent, as is every scene with the Worm Guys in it.

They should have won an Oscar just for their role, but I don’t know if they have mantels to wear on their home planet…

Ranked 8th in our list of the best films of 2002, About A Boy is arguably one of Hugh Grant’s best works and a seminal film of the ’00s.

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I still can’t believe the boy in the film is Nicholas Hoult too. I feel really old now as I write this!

A romantic comedy based on the book of the same name that many of you may have read before. If not, I urge you as a writer to check it out as it is fantastic work!

The concept of hearing the characters’ minds was one of the main elements that made this movie so interesting, but so was the connection between the characters and the fact that it just felt right without falling into the trap of being too cute to be.

The best movies of 2002 - Attack of the Clones

Less Jar Jar Binks was always a good thing, and while Movies 1-3 aren’t as great as the original 3, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones is one hell of a movie and one of the best movies of 2002 hands down.

Anakin begins to get lost in this film and fully steps onto the path that will eventually make him Darth Vader. It’s the first time we see adult Ani as well, with Hayden Christensen stepping up to the plate.

Obi Wan actually cut his hands off for him in this movie (a bit of a bad taste comment since so many people seem to get their hands cut off in these movies).

I’ve always been a big M. Night Shyamalan movie and Signs remains one of his finest works. Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix are fantastic in this film. and Shyamalan uses all the tricks of the trade to make a compelling film from start to finish.

This terrifying tale of the supernatural features aliens, crop circles, a fight for survival and a race against time to believe it.

As you would expect from a Shyamalan production, the cinematography is second to none. You can usually spot one of his films from a mile away, and Signs is no exception.

This film would have starred Mark Ruffalo, but Joaquin stepped in when Mark was diagnosed with a brain tumor, luckily benign.

While The Hulk in Signs would have been epic, I’m more than happy with the version we ended up with.

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Best Movies of 2002 - Minority Report

Minority Report takes 5th place in our list of the best movies of 2002!

Imagine how amazing it would be if you could stop a crime before it even happened. That’s the premise here, and it’s murders that the squad Tom Cruise directs prevents.

Things go wrong when Tom’s character is framed for the murder of a man he hasn’t even met. It’s like turning VAR on you, except the penalty is severe and not just hitting a ball into a net.

Action-packed and suspenseful, Minority Report definitely stands alongside The Last Samurai as one of Cruise’s greatest works. Check it out if you haven’t already and let us know what you think on Facebook. Twitterand Instagram!

The wizarding world will always hold a special place in my heart and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets remains one of my favorite adventures from Harry’s younger days.

The story is great and although they omit key elements from the book like Mr. Weasley and Lucius Malfoy and take a little artistic liberty with other parts, it stays much closer to the book than Prisoner of Azkaban!

Daniel Radcliffe is always going to be a little wooden in these movies, but he does a pretty good job in Chamber of Secrets. It’s also the last film in which we see Richard Harris, also known as “the best Dumbledore”.

Michael Gambon made a real pig’s ear out of it!

Follow Harry, Ron and Hermione as they find out who opened the Chamber of Secrets and save Hogwarts!

best movies of 2002 - spiderman

Spider-Man ranks 3rd in our list of the best movies of 2002. It’s still the best Spider-Man movie of all time, and Toby Maguire is still the best Spider-Man.

I’ll probably get a lot of hate mail for saying this, but it’s the truth!

That first theatrical release for Spider-Man was amazing, and for 30-something guys like me, the original Spidey will always be the best.

Also, you know that scene where Peter Parker catches all the items on the lunch tray…well, Maguire actually did that. It took him over 100 tries, but he finally made it!

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Jason Bourne will always be better than James Bond. Well, I said it and I stand by it, and The Bourne Identity is one of the best action movies of the noughties.

I think that’s because Bourne’s excursions feel less “far-fetched” than the Bond stories. Ok, there’s a lot of spies and amnesia and killing, but it all feels a lot more plausible.

The action in this film is also great, as in the other films in the series, and Matt Damon does a great job portraying the titular character.

Will Jason Bourne find out why he has many different passports and why is someone trying to track him down? I hope so, otherwise the other films will be a bit repetitive!

Best Movies of 2002 - Lord of the Rings The Two Towers

It just had to be bet, didn’t it? The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is the best movie of 2002 and will never be beaten.

Anyone who reads my articles will probably know how obsessed I am with Lord of the Rings. I named my dog ​​Bilbo and have 5 LOTR tattoos because he cried out loud.

The Two Towers marks the first time in the trilogy that we see the disbanded Fellowship go about their business, with Pippin and Merry en route to Isengard, Frodo and Sam meeting Gollum and traveling through the Death Marshes, and Aragorn’s company on the road to Helms Deep and the battle that ensues there.

The film is perfect from start to finish and largely stays true to the book’s plot; Aside from a few differences in the exchange between Faramir and Gollum, it’s pretty much spot on!

All fantasy fans who haven’t seen this movie, what are you playing? And don’t even think about buying the regular version – they’re all enhanced versions!

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