10 Best Movies Inspired By H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos

The recent announcement that the wrap is complete for a new film based on a body-swapping tale by HP Lovecraft is reminiscent of the many other films based on the twisted tales of one of the 20th century’s foremost horror writers. In fact, Lovecraft had a unique ability to explore areas in his writing that were often shunned by other writers in the genre.

Not surprisingly, then, there have been a number of films that have drawn inspiration from Lovecraft’s dark, macabre, and deeply disturbing work – particularly his Cthulhu mythos – whether by adapting his stories or adapting his style and/or themes interests took over.


Dagon (2002)

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Despite its name dagon is not based on the Lovecraft story of the same name, but on The shadow over Innsmouth. It’s certainly a very dark and gothic film, and it takes its source material very seriously, and it focuses on a man stranded in a village inhabited by people who have begun to worship (and become involved with) a to mate with him). Demon.

It contains some very extreme imagery, but it’s precisely its commitment to staying true to Lovecraft’s vision that makes it such a compelling piece of cinema.

The Whisperer in the Dark (2011)

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The whisperer in the dark is another film based on an actual work by Lovecraft, in this case the story of the same name. While it makes a few changes to the original material — most notably by giving the arc a third act that it originally lacked — it still manages to capture the atmosphere that fans associate with Lovecraft’s fiction.

Like many other Lovecraft stories, especially those involving Cthulhu, it’s about a celestial menace, and the fact that the film was able to do so much with the raw material despite a small budget (it’s an independent film) is also his merit.

Annihilation (2018)

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While it’s not based on an HP Lovecraft novel, that’s pretty clear destruction owes a debt to his work, and to Cthulhu in particular. It focuses on a group of scientists investigating a mysterious phenomenon known as the glimmer – which causes DNA to shift and mutate – and has the kind of body horror often associated with Lovecraft.

In particular, it’s the kind of film that seems designed to make the viewer question their entire beliefs about the world, their place in it, and the nature of reality itself. His final scene is sure to give everyone goosebumps. It deserves to be considered as one of the best movies of the 2010s.

Color From Outer Space (2019)

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Though widely regarded as one of the great horror writers, Lovecraft’s works can be difficult to adapt precisely because they are often so elliptical and based on encounters with unseen things (this is true even of the Cthulhu stories). color from spacehowever, is an example of a film that captures both the original story itself and the general aura of a Lovecraft story.

Brilliantly shot (if a little long) with some powerful performances from the likes of Nicolas Cage and Joely Richardson, it’s the kind of film that leaves the viewer deeply disturbed by what they’ve just seen, but confident that it is one of the best horror movies is Movies of 2010s.

Event Horizon (1997)

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Paul WS Anderson is one of the most respected directors in Hollywood and he has a number of great films to his credit. event horizon is one of his many forays into sci-fi/horror, and it’s easy to see his inspiration from Lovecraft and Cthuluhu in particular.

With its focus on a group of astronauts investigating the disappearance of a ship, it quickly becomes exactly the kind of cosmic horror you’d expect from a film inspired by Lovecraft mythology, with Anderson’s signature style being very evident becomes.

From Beyond (1986)

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The 1980s was a particularly prosperous decade for horror, as evidenced by the emergence of films like Far away. It’s another film based specifically on a Lovecraft story about two scientists and their efforts to stimulate the pineal gland go awry, resulting in one of them becoming a monster from another dimension (interdimensional monsters are a key element of the Cthulhu Mythos).

In keeping with its Lovecraftian origins, it manages to be both intelligent in its ideas and ferocious in its portrayal of the monster and its antics. The result is a horror film that is as disturbing as it is entertaining.

In the Mouth of Madness (1994)

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Anyone who has read the works of Lovecraft knows that the idea of ​​insanity is one of his preoccupations, and many of his characters are melted by their encounters with monstrous beings (like Cthulhu).

That goes for the movie In the mouth of madness, which is one of John Carpenter’s finest works. It features some really good performances from the likes of Sam Neill, whose character is beginning to question the lines between reality and fiction. As is so often the case with Carpenter, this is a film that is intended to make the viewer think, even if it disturbs them.

Necronomicon (1994)

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As an anthology drama film, Necronomicon has three different narratives as well as a frame story that contains them. Each iteration is inspired by a work by Lovecraft, and indeed the frame story has Lovecraft as its central character. Each of the stories focuses on the book of the title.

While it captures the kind of unsettling atmosphere one would typically expect from these Cthulhu stories, it explores larger themes, including the overwhelming nature of grief and its ability to destroy a human being.

The Thing (1982)

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Throughout his career, John Carpenter has shown himself to be heavily influenced by Lovecraft’s horror, particularly Cthulhu. in the the thingfor example, a group of researchers in Antarctica is being haunted by a creature that can take the form of anything else.

It’s a beast straight out of the Cthulhu legends, and it’s the kind of movie that doesn’t leave the viewer feeling terribly good about the world with its grim ending. However, it’s his willingness to face the darkness that makes it such a powerful horror film.

Cthulhu (2007)

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As mentioned in the title, Cthulhu draws directly from Lovecraft’s most famous mythology. Although it makes a number of changes to its original story – The Shadow over Innsmouth – it manages to stay true to its original unsettling narrative about a village sold out to a malevolent and vengeful demon.

It is particularly notable for having a gay man as the protagonist, as well as for his ability to explore Lovecraft’s larger concerns while doing so on a very small budget. NEXT: 10 Movies Inspired by the Works of HP Lovecraft, Ranked (according to IMDb)

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