10 Best Nintendo Switch City Building Games To Play Right Now

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Townscaper town building games for Nintendo Switch

What if you had the power to shape entire cities at the touch of a button? While this may not be feasible in real life, it sure is possible through video games. Here are the 10 best city building games for Nintendo Switch that will help you create your dream metropolis without leaving the comfort of your couch.

#10 Kingdom

Kingdom cities building game

Kingdom is an indie 2D sidescroller with pixel art graphics. You play as the king or queen of your own procedurally generated kingdom. Your goal is to make your kingdom prosper.

To do this, you need to spend your coins wisely. You can hire mercenaries to protect your kingdom from outside threats, build defenses around your city, or set off to explore a mysterious forest nearby. But be careful because these countries are not peaceful. Different creatures will try to destroy everything you built and steal your coins and crown. It’s up to you to find the best way to protect your kingdom and become the best ruler ever.

#9 Civilization VI

Overview of the Civilization 6 map

Why limit yourself to building a city when you can shape an entire civilization? Civilization VI puts you at the forefront of your own civilization as it progresses through the challenges of time.

There are five ways to win a game in Civilization VI: Science, Culture, Dominion, Religion, and Score. The game’s second expansion, Gathering Storm, adds a sixth victory condition: Diplomacy. Regardless of the route you take, you will have to build different cities and optimize their districts.

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#8 Townsfolk


If you’re looking for a relaxing indie town building game on the Nintendo Switch, Townscaper is worth a look. With its colorful low-poly graphics, this game doesn’t really have a goal. There is no story to follow, no stressful timer or budget. Only quaint island towns to build.

Oskar Stålberg, the developer of Townscaper, describes the game as “an experimental passion project, more of a toy than a game”. The gameplay is simple: you place blocks over the water, which automatically transform into small houses, arches, stairs, bridges and lush backyards depending on the configuration.

#7 Minecraft

New York City recreated in Minecraft

Minecraft is a staple when it comes to game making. The entire game revolves around the idea of ​​placing blocks to build anything – cities included.

You can create just about anything in Minecraft, from a quaint little town to a skyscraper-filled megalopolis. Some players have built impressive cities in the game, like realistic versions of New York City, Dubai, London or King’s Landing from Game of Thrones. Since everything is made of cubes, there are no limits to your imagination.

#6 Prison Architect

prison architect

Instead of building a boring city, Prison Architect lets you build your own prison. As the name suggests, the game allows you to be the architect of a prison. Forget your orange is the new black fantasy: this prison isn’t nearly as sexy.

Prison Architect is full of violence, but its graphics don’t make it too gory. Even if you build the perfect prison, your inmates won’t like being behind bars. Expect full blown riots, fights, or even fire. You can also swap places and become an inmate yourself with the aim of escaping a supermax prison.

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#5 Islanders


City building doesn’t have to be stressful. Islanders, an indie city-builder for Nintendo Switch, understood this perfectly. It offers a procedurally generated island on which to found your settlement and grow it into a large city.

With its minimalist UI and low-poly graphics, Islanders offers a peaceful way to create your own city. There are various buildings that you can place to expand your city, which award points based on placement. Overall, Islanders offers a relaxing experience “for the price of a medium-sized pumpkin spice matcha caramel latte,” according to the official description.

#4 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Building a city is cool, but you know what’s even cooler? Design an entire tropical island!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been the most popular game during the pandemic as it allowed players to escape to a sunny spot and hang out with friends without leaving their couch. In this game you have a chance to start everything from scratch. You’ll be the mayor of your own tropical island, and even if you have to pay Tom Nook a mortgage, you’re as free as a bird.

In addition to customizing your island, Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets you choose who will be your neighbor. You can shape everything on your island and create rivers or cliffs wherever you want. And if you don’t like a neighbor, you can simply thank them to make room for a new furry friend.

#3 Kingdom of the Air

Kingdom of the Air

Building cities on the mainland or an island is too commonplace for you? Then take to the skies with Airborne Kingdom. In this game you can manage your own floating city and float through the air while tending to the needs of its residents.

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In addition to managing your city, you must make sure you never run out of fuel lest you level your perfect city. Maintaining buoyancy and balancing weight is just as important as building houses and meeting the needs of your citizens.

#2 Tropical 6

City building Tropico 6

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a dictator? With Tropico 6 you can fulfill this fantasy. In this game you play as the dictator of a Caribbean island and must do whatever it takes to make your country prosper.

Of course, the residents of your island may not always be cold about your merciless rule. There might be a riot that you need to put down. But aside from that, it feels pretty satisfying to build houses and industries to ensure your island thrives and your residents stay happy. And if they aren’t, you can always make them disappear like any real dictator.

#1 City skylines

Cities skylines city

Cities Skylines is a modern version of city building games like SimCity. Your goal is to build and manage a thriving city with its various neighborhoods and activities.

The biggest challenge in Cities Skylines is to keep your city thriving. The residents need a roof over their heads, a job, medical facilities, a school and of course restaurants, bars and pubs. But you also need to think about general services like electricity, water and sewage. Cities Skylines is a detailed city building game for the Nintendo Switch that requires careful management.

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