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Hunter X Hunter is a popular anime rich in unforgettable characters, compelling storylines, nefarious villains and one of the most expansive anime worlds. It follows the story of Gon Freecs, a young boy who wants to become a hunter to find his father. On his way he meets various trials, difficult tests, different characters and important lessons.

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Yoshihiro Togashi, the author, combines his motivation for creating the story with his love of collecting. The anime has many life lessons to teach its viewers, centered on friendship, presence, and courage. These quotes are real collector’s items.

10 “The little detours should be enjoyed to the fullest. Because that’s where you find the things that are more important than you want.” — Ging Freecss

Ging Freecs is anime’s epitome of an absent father. Nevertheless, his son and Hunter X Hunter‘s main protagonist Gon bears no grudge against him. Gon simply wants to understand how a hunter could cause Ging to abandon his son. When Ging and Gon finally meet and talk about their adventures, Ging utters this memorable phrase.

It serves as a reminder to Ging an Gon and the audience to enjoy the little moments along the way. It’s okay to have a main goal, but the journey has to be experienced consciously. Gon’s journey to becoming a hunter to find his father gave him friends, values, and defining moments. Enjoying these kinds of things is the stuff of life.

9 “In the hands of an incompetent, power brings nothing but ruin.” — Merum

Meruem is the main antagonist of the Chimera Ant Arc, an award-winning arc adored by anime fans worldwide. Meruem is a genius and extremely powerful, originally bent on destroying humanity. Given his high intellect, he has concerns about certain aspects of human society.

When he learns that human hierarchies are based on bloodline and connection, as opposed to merit, competence and power, he speaks this painful truth. He wants to cleanse the earth of haughty officials who have everything by oppressing the poor and creating a world without inequality.

8th “You think I can’t pray with one arm? A prayer comes from the heart.” – Isaac Netero

Netero was the 12th chairman of the Hunter Association. The strongest Nen user in his youth, Netero retained a large amount of his skills and abilities even in his old age. As Meruem’s opponent, Netero is overwhelmed by Meruem’s power. After losing his right leg and then his left arm, Netero says the above to Meruem.

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Netero’s resolve is unshakable and he continues to fight after losing all his Nen. This causes Meruem to honor him, marveling at humanity’s ability to transcend its limits and celebrating Netero as the standard. Netero’s words leave a deep impression and are a reminder to always try.

7 “No matter how much pain, I will live on. So when I die, I will feel like I did my best.” – Koala bear

Koala is a chimera ant that takes the form of a pink koala. Unlike many chimera ants, who lost their memories after reincarnation, Koala has managed to preserve his to some extent. While talking to Kite, Koala says that he was an assassin in his human life and he accepted this job since it was easy.

Koala admits his guilt in taking the life of a young girl when he intended to save her from the torture she would have been subjected to. This quote encourages you to do the difficult things that leave you with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

6 “Gon, you are light. But sometimes you shine so bright I have to look away. Still, is it okay if I stay by your side?” —Killua

Kite is one of Gon’s mentors and teachers during the Chimera Ant Arc. As they infiltrate the Neo-Green Life complex in search of the ants’ nest, Neferpitou shows up and cuts off Kite’s arm. Killua incapacitates Gon and quickly escapes with him, judging the fight as too much for their abilities and deciphering that Kite will die.

When Gon awakens, his absolute belief in the fact that Kite is alive coupled with his trust in Killua’s assessment leads Killua to realize how innocent Gon is. Killua is grateful to be his friend and thinks the above, a testament to one of anime’s purest friendships.

5 “I do not fear death. I only fear that my anger will pass over time.” — Kurapika

Kurapika is the last surviving member of the Kurta clan. At the age of 12, his entire clan was massacred. The clan’s eyes are considered rare jewels, and 35 pairs are scattered around the world. After receiving his Hunter License, Kurapika embarks on a destructive journey to avenge his clan’s murder and collect all remaining Kurta Eyeballs.

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This leads to his reckless exploits in the Yorknew City Arc and his eventual triumph over the Phantom Troupe. His anger, this quote, and subsequent actions serve as a warning. Letting go of hate and anger creates space to experience love and companionship, which Kurapika disregards.

4 “Whenever people encounter the unknown, they tend to lose perspective.” — Knov

Knov is one of the hunters recruited as a Vault Hunter during the Chimera Ant Arc. He is an important part of the team due to his stealth ability, which places summonable exit and entry points at will. Knov is a serious, calculating, and slightly paranoid hunter.

Upon encountering a dejected Gon and Killua, he utters this quote to Killua, mocking his claim that they may not be a match for Neferpitou. In an ironic twist, Knov suffers a nervous breakdown upon encountering Shaiapouf’s aura, something he doesn’t understand. It shows that what he said is part of the human condition and not frowned upon.

3 “An apology is a promise to do things differently next time and keep the promise” — Ging Freecss

Ging Freecs is unaware that he is an absent father. He’s actually quite aware of this, and upon his first meeting with Gon admits that for selfish reasons he’s not sure he’ll see a son he left again. As the two chat and share stories of their antics, Ging Gon reminds them of the importance of honest apologies.

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Maintaining bonds and being true to one’s words are useful traits that will aid Gon in the path he has chosen. As much as Ging is absent from Gon’s life, the life lessons he imparts during their brief encounter are timeless.

2 “If I were the only person in the whole world who really loved you, well, would that make you sad?” —Killua

Alluka Zoldyck is Killua’s younger sister. Under unknown circumstances, she was possessed by a dark spirit that the family named Nanika. The power of the mind is to grant desires, albeit at the cost of human life. Because of this, and the family’s fear and inability to control her, she is imprisoned and ostracized.

Killua decides to flee with her in order to enlist Nanika’s help in healing Gon. After Gon’s healing, Killua demands that Nanika go away. This angers Alluka as she comes to, leading Killua to realize his mistake. When Nanika reappears, Killua says the above words, and the power of genuine caring to move even a dark spirit creates one of anime’s most beautiful emotional moments.

1 “When I say it doesn’t hurt me, that means I can take it.” —Killua

Killua grew up in a family of assassins. His father chose him to take over the family business because of his extraordinary skills, dedication and ruthlessness. However, Killua wants to chart a different path for himself and through his interactions with Gon realizes that he wants to protect his sister.

When his brother tortures Killua upon his return to the Zoldyck residence, Killua says so as he breaks free. The quote speaks to Killua’s mental toughness and framing of events, using his courage and resilience to face the most difficult of situations calmly.

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