10 Best Shojo Characters Who Would Be In Hufflepuff

Founded by Helga Hufflepuff and with a badger as their mascot, Hufflepuff students show kindness, diligence and loyalty. They are among the best friends a person can have. They are modest in their accomplishments and value morality above all else. Hufflepuffs love taking care of the earth; Most of their strengths lie in gardening or other domestic activities. Shojo fans can find many Hufflepuff characteristics in their favorite protagonists.

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Some of these main shojo characters, usually the heroines, become quick friends with everyone they meet and maintain long-lasting friendships. They are good with their hands and typically have talents related to housework and caring for others. They would be perfect in Hufflepuff if they ever came into the world Harry Potter Universe.

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10 Shirayuki would be the best at potion making and herbalism (red haired snow white)

Shirayuki out Snow White with the red hair would thrive in Hufflepuff House, especially in her Herbology and Potions classes. In her homeland of Tanbarun, she specialized in the manufacture of medicines and brought her skills to Clarines to become the palace apothecary. She knows all about identifying and mixing all types of plants. Even Severus Snape would be impressed by her skill.

In addition to Shirayuki’s herbal knowledge, she is kind, fair, and independent. She refuses to become anyone’s prize – as her red hair tends to attract unwanted attention – but she is very modest about her looks. Shirayuki has no problem making friends, so her life in Hufflepuff will be a breeze.

9 The free-spirited Kae Serinuma would fit in well with Hufflepuff (kiss him, not me!)

Polite and humble, Kae Serinuma dating Kiss him, not me! prefers to avoid people, which may reflect Hufflepuff’s cowardly streak. But she’s still kind-hearted and approachable, which makes her easy to befriend. However, when it comes to her favorite BL ships, Kae can get a bit overboard with her fangirling.

Kae’s carefree nature suits Hufflepuff best, as she doesn’t worry about small details and rarely panics about anything. She’s quite an open book, so figuring her out is easy. This could also be due to their forgetfulness, rarely paying attention to subtle cues or details. Regardless, Kae would be very popular in Hufflepuff.

8th A cute girl like Tohru Honda could learn to take care of animals (fruit basket)

Hufflepuff would love a student like Tohru Honda fruit basket, one of the most famous shojo heroines. She is feisty and considerate of others – although her self-sacrificing nature is one of her biggest flaws – and she is extremely self-sufficient.

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After living with the Sohma family, Tohru is used to living with humans who can transform into animals. She could learn the Transfiguration Charm to become an Animagus, or take the Care of Magical Creatures course to learn more about magical animals. Tohru is also good with her hands, so something like Professor Sprout’s herbalism class would be easy for her to learn.

7 Sakura Kinomoto would make a lot of friends (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Cheerful Sakura Kinomoto out Cardcaptor Sakura would go wonderfully with Hufflepuff. She’s a great balance of athletic tomboy and adorable girl – thanks to Tomoyo and her costumes – so she’s a solid choice for Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team. Sakura also has experience with magic, so it will be easier for her to pass her magic courses.

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Sakura’s personable demeanor allows her to befriend everyone she meets and always makes time to have lunch with her peers. It won’t be long before she becomes popular with her Hufflepuff classmates. Knowing how overwhelmed she can be, she might feel embarrassed for the extra attention.

6 Miki Koishikawa could play on Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team (Marmalade Boy)

Miki Koishikawa out jam boy is more outgoing and lively than most Hufflepuffs, but her optimism and easy-going personality make her a good figure. Miki enjoys playing tennis with her club, so if she wants to play sports she could join the Hufflepuff Quidditch team.

Despite balancing a busy school and work life, Miki always makes time for her friends. She loves to have fun, which can sometimes interfere with her studies or work schedule. Still, Miki would have the best time as a Hufflepuff student.

5 Sawako Kuronuma is pure-hearted and straightforward (Kimi Ni Todoke)

“Do a good deed every day” is Sawako Kuronuma’s motto Kimi Ni Todoke, although most people cannot get over her “Sadako”-like appearance. Despite people’s initial perception of her, she is gentle and soft-spoken. Hufflepuff would be the best house at Hogwarts for her.

Sawako shares Hufflepuff’s traits of being honest and pure in almost everything she does. She doesn’t like to stand out too much, but she values ​​the personal connection more than anything. Divination would be an interesting lesson for Sawako due to her keen observation skills.

4 Despite their opposite personalities, Mew Salad and Mew Pudding would be great in Hufflepuff (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Salad Midorikawa (Mew Salad) and Bu-Ling Huang (Mew Pudding) would do wonderfully well in Hufflepuff House, despite their different personalities. Both girls out Tokyo Mew Mew show some of Hufflepuff’s personality traits: having a strong sense of right and wrong, being kind, and valuing friendships.

As Hogwarts students, Mew Lettuce and Mew Pudding would not be in the same classes. Shy and gentle Lettuce would gravitate toward nature-based or more hands-on courses, while Bu-Ling would like something more fun and exciting, likely something that would allow her to use acrobatics. However, there is no denying that she would get into trouble.

3 Rinko Yamato is one of the cutest characters (My Love Story!!)

Takeo’s sweet, adorable friend Rinko Yamato perfectly embodies Hufflepuff’s outgoing and friendly traits. your kindness inside My love story!! is limitless; She treats everyone equally and loves taking care of people no matter who they are.

Whether Rinko has a green thumb is unknown, but she loves baking. Rinko’s handmade desserts will keep everyone coming back for more. She loves to create the cutest combinations and to add her sweet feminine touch to everything she makes.

2 Amu Hinamori is Hufflepuff’s best match, despite her tsundere personality (Shugo Chara!)

At first glance, Amu Hinamori’s “cool and spicy” personality – and her punk goth fashion sense – might convince viewers to include her in Ravenclaw, but she’s a lot shyer than first thought. Amu fits more into the Tsundere character trope: Tough on the outside, but cute when around people she cares about.

Amu’s innocent character makes her a great character in Hogwarts’ Hufflepuff house. She would feel more comfortable around the nice and friendly Hufflepuff students, which would make her time at school more enjoyable. Unsure of her dream career, Amu could try her hand at various studies at Hogwarts – from learning Charms to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

1 Futaba Yoshioka Fights With Confidence (Blue Spring Ride)

A common Hufflepuff trait is a lack of self-confidence, which can conflict with their sense of humility. Futaba Yoshioka out Blue Spring Ride shares this mistake while trying to blend in with her classmates. She tries desperately to appear more approachable and almost loses herself in the process.

However, Futaba soon bonds with another girl in her class, Yuri, who is also ostracized. Her empathy and open-mindedness help their friendship blossom. As the series progresses, Futaba learns to embrace and love himself without having to change. in return, she can pass on that pure love and acceptance—two other Hufflepuff traits—to others.

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