10 Best Shows About Single Dads, According To IMDb

Although August is just beginning, some TV fans are already counting down the days until September 9, when Netflix becomes a cult hit Cobra Kai returns to Netflix, which is not only a series centered around sports, but also an underrated single dad series. As most fans think Cobra Kai Nothing more than a reboot of the epic karate movie, the show actually has a super interesting relationship between a father and a father that explores traditional and non-traditional ways of parenting.

Perhaps the most popular show centered around single dads, however, is Full house, but television has come a long way since that sane Danny Tanner. Now single dads are portrayed on television in both a positive and a less flattering light than Frank is portrayed by shameless No matter how great dads they are, there’s no denying that there’s a TV audience out there that wants to watch single dads juggle their home, work, and personal lives.


10 Kenan (2021 – 2022) – 5.7

Saturday night live Veteran Kenan Thompson got his own sitcom, kenan, back in 2021, where he played a recently widowed, single father trying to juggle parenthood while being one of Atlanta’s biggest TV personalities. Like many single dads on TV, Kenan has help from his father-in-law, brother, and morning show family.

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Like most single dads, Kenan often wants to be there for his daughters, quite literally, while also trying to be the best talk show host the city has ever seen. Though it’s a tough life, Kenan does it all with a smile on his face.

9 Housekeeping (2021 – ) – 6.6

housekeeping is one of ABC’s newest and most underrated family sitcoms. The show focuses on the Hayworth siblings, who all happen to fall into different economic groups. Although their different financial backgrounds often put a strain on their relationships, they manage to overcome the uncomfortable to support one another.

Being rich means Connor has often relied on other people to raise his daughter, but he wants to start putting in the work to be the father she deserves. This is evident in him throwing her lavish birthday parties and supporting her in all her ventures like the school musical, even though she’s not very good. He is a supportive father, financially and emotionally.

8th Full House (1987 – 1995) – 6.7

Full house is not the first show about single fathers, but it is one of the most popular. The ABC sitcom, which premiered in 1987, followed the newly widowed Danny Tanner as he enlists the help of his tomboy brother-in-law and stand-up comics best friend to help raise his three daughters.

Danny Tanner is arguably one of the best TV dads of all time, which is no easy feat considering he raised three daughters alone in the ’80s and ’90s. Danny always knew when his girls needed him and often put their happiness ahead of his own — especially when it came to his dating life. Most importantly, he taught viewers that dads don’t have to be perfect, they just have to try.

7 Single parents (2018 – 2020) – 7.0

With a title like Single parent, It’s no surprise that the ABC family sitcom starred single dads. In fact, the ensemble series featured three single dads from diverse backgrounds, all navigating the world of fatherhood on their own, making some of the most questionable single parenting decisions along the way.

Will, Douglas and Miggy may be of different generations and backgrounds, but they all try their best to be awesome single dads. For Will, that means putting his private life aside and devoting his full attention to his daughter, while Douglas and Miggy take different approaches to their single parenthood. And yet all three fathers manage to be positive role models for their children and single fathers everywhere.

6 Coaches (1989 – 1997) – 7.0

While Coach isn’t usually seen as a show about single dads, the truth is Hayden Fox is a single dad whether he considers himself one or not. The popular sports sitcom centers on Hayden, a college soccer coach who takes his job very seriously.

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While Hayden spends most of his time as the father figure of his soccer team, he ends up reconnecting with his estranged daughter. Though not used to being a “girl dad,” Hayden tries his best to support his daughter and quickly takes on the overprotective father role when she starts dating. Thus, Hayden is a fun, traditional single father-type character Coach worth the watch.

5 Baby Dad (2012 – 2017) – 7.3

baby dad could be one of the best original but most underrated shows by Freeforms of all time. The comedy centers on Ben, a bartender in his 20s, who wakes up one morning to find a baby on his doorstep. After learning the baby is his, he enlists the help of his roommates, a childhood friend, and his overbearing, insane mother to raise the daughter he didn’t even know existed.

Like most 20-something bachelors, Ben hasn’t got a handle on his life and now he has a daughter to raise as well. Though he sometimes forgets to put his daughter above his dating life, he’s there for all the major milestones in her life and celebrates them wildly, especially her first steps and her first words.

4 Cobra Kai (2018 – ) 8.5

at its core, Cobra Kai is one of the best sports shows and best shows based on a movie in recent years. However, the series also offers a very interesting and important arc about single fatherhood that takes a unique twist.

While Johnny is a biological single father, his son Robby wants nothing to do with him as he basically abandoned him as a child. However, Johnny manages to redeem himself in the paternity department when he takes on a fatherly role for Miguel, one of his karate students. In addition to teaching Miguel how to defend himself, he is there for him emotionally when things go wrong in his romantic relationship.

3 Shameless (2011 – 2021) – 8.6

Unlike most single dads on TV, shameless‘s Frank Gallagher is a total mess and one of the worst dads ever on TV. And yet the dramedy series about the misadventures of the Gallagher family ran for 11 seasons on Showtime, giving Frank the space and time to grow and change.

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While Frank arguably left most of the parenting responsibilities to his eldest daughter so he could hang out at the local bar, it was interesting to watch when Frank decided to become a father. One of the moments Frank excelled in this area was when he managed to pay for Fiona’s wedding flowers by begging to get the money.

2 Stranger Things (2016 – ) – 7.1

On the surface, stranger things is one of the greatest sci-fi shows about a ragtag group of kids who fight monsters from another dimension to protect their city. However, stranger things is also a show about family in all its definitions.

During season two, Eleven finds herself under Hopper’s protection and the two begin to form a father-daughter bond. This bond only deepens as the series progresses, and by season three, Hopper officially adopts Eleven as his own. Like most dads, Hopper is determined to protect Eleven no matter what, and is often by her side when she takes on Upside Down. And while Hopper wants to protect El, he also knows that she’s taking care of more than herself, which is why he doesn’t stand in her way of using her powers to end the evil.

1 Arrested development (2003 – 2019) – 8.7

arrested development is arguably one of the funniest and most loved sitcoms about a dysfunctional family of all time. Although the series follows the entire Bluth family, it really focuses on the struggles of Michael Bluth, who is forced to stay close to home to run his family’s business when his father goes to prison.

Not only does Michael have a job he doesn’t want, but he also struggles with raising his eccentric teenage son on his own. Unlike other single fathers who rely on their family for support, Michael can’t help but feel that he would be a better father to his son if he wasn’t so caught up in his own family drama. While Michael continues to fail with his son, he never stops being good, which is what defines him arrested development a great show about the experience of a single father.

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