10 Best U.S. Urban Areas For Walking And Hiking

Walking and hiking in the great outdoors is good for body and mind. So when you travel, go for a hike – and we define hiking as long walks for recreation. (If it’s a city, you could call it a city walk; outside the city, in a natural setting, it’s a hike.)

Whether it’s flat or rough terrain, easy, moderate or difficult, just know your limits, get gear to help, do your research, stay safe – and enjoy.

With that in mind, LawnStarter, which collects travel statistics, researched the top nearby US cities for city walks and hikes. Each area offers long, pleasant city walks with excellent hiking trails nearby. We’ll start with number ten and end with number one.


San Diego, California. One of the best parks is Mount Woodson, a 4+ hour hike that climbs to 3000 feet. Potato Chip Rock is having a great Instagrammable moment. There is also Eagle Rock along the Pacific Crest Trail. The Father Junipero Serra Trail has the oldest dam west of the Mississippi River, a National Historic Landmark.

Balboa Park within the city is huge. At the San Diego Zoo you can take a nice walk among the animals.


Las Vegas, Nevada. Fremont Street in older Vegas is a neon-filled walk, and it’s fun to see the over-the-top sights simply by walking up and down the Strip. Lost Creek Falls in nearby Rock Canyon is a short hiking trail (0.31 miles one way) that leads over Red Rocks with a rare desert waterfall. You can also walk to the top of the nearby Hoover Dam, just a short drive away, for a fascinating experience.


Boise, Idaho. The coolest is the Greenbelt, 25 miles that connects downtown to more than 850 acres of parks and natural areas along the Boise River. Sights along the way include the Old Idaho Penitentiary, which contains 19th-century prison cells and gallows.


Los Angeles, California. The LA area offers dozens of hilly, scenic hiking trails in close proximity, including the Griffith Observatory Trail. And to spot celebrities along with the view, try Runyon Canyon Park or Franklin Park.


Salt Lake City, Utah. Surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains with waterfalls and forests, the area is filled with excellent hiking trails. Donut Falls is located in the middle of Big Cottonwood Canyon. At Lakes Mary, Martha and Catherine you can walk in Cottonwood Basin.

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