10 Best Xbox One Parkour Games That Will Get You Freerunning

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There’s just something so spectacular about scaling walls and jumping from building to building while absolutely fearing for your life. While some people might not want to take part in life-threatening parkour in real life, there are plenty of games that still allow us to achieve our wildest dreams of making that 400-foot jump in the snow. Here are some of today’s most authentic and awesome death-defying parkour games for Xbox that are worth checking out if you haven’t already.

#10 Man falls flat

Platform and adventure at its purest, Human: Fall Flat really takes on a life of its own. Once you’ve customized your human, aka Bob, to your liking, you’ll need to solve a variety of puzzles to advance.

Although Bob may look like your run-of-the-mill AI, he actually has no superhuman abilities, he’s just like every other human on the planet. Aside from that, players can grab things with their arms and legs and scale walls to look around their surroundings. Climbing steep ledges offers a pretty good eagle’s-eye view of what’s to come.

#9 Only cause 4

This large and sprawling open-world setting gives players plenty of room to run, jump and escape the clutches of enemies. There’s just something so awesome about using your wingsuit to fly through the air and move through the lands at high speed.

Also, the game equips you with a grappling hook so you can reach the highest heights to really get a good vantage point to see what the best path to your next objective is. It’s not just rainbows and butterflies, however, as this game features different weather systems that affect how Rico’s wingsuit is used, so it’s not always the best option.

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#8 Sunset overdrive

Talk about action-packed adventures. Sunset Overdrive is filled to the brim with thrills and intense enemy encounters. Humans have become disgusting mutants after drinking a questionable drink known as Fizzco’s Energy Drink, and it’s your job not just to dodge them, but to defeat them.

Players must navigate the ever-confusing metropolis as quickly as possible. The game forces players to focus on intense acrobatics to outrun enemies that are just inches away and breathing down their necks. Running on walls, a great sprint away from the enemy, and even ziplining out of line of sight ensure survival.

#7 Ghost Runner

This isn’t just any other cyber punk freerunning game, this one really takes things to the highest levels. The environments players encounter are treacherous and inherently dangerous, and the best way to get past them is to make a wild dash around the map.

Players can and must walk over walls, jump over platforms and buildings and fight their way from place to place. This actually matters more than you might think, as players are essentially one-shot by enemies, so quick and careful planning is your only chance of survival. You can even slow down time to outmaneuver bullets like in the Matrix, which is a pretty cute and handy mechanic when your character is patently muddy.

#6 Titanfall 2

One of the coolest mechanics Titanfall 2 has to offer is the ability to free walk not only in your human form but also in your mech form. Being one of the most popular games in recent years, fans are even trying to call for the release of a third Titanfall, which really says something about the gameplay.

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The first-person shooter is all about evasion as each mech unit comes equipped with a jump kit that helps players scale walls and double-jump to nearly miss an approaching ambush. The game even gives players the ability to chain these parkour skills together to travel from place to place at breakneck speeds.

Jumping not your thing? Don’t worry, slides are here now. Yes, the game now features the ability to glide past enemies with ease, keeping it fresh and exciting.

#5 Dying Light

Once again, the OG Dying Light deserves a mention on this list. The game holds one after another for thrills with the insanely creepy infected zombies that constantly sneak up on you and make your heart beat about 26 beats faster. Leaping 200-foot gaps in buildings is a surefire way to avoid the walkers, but be warned that falling will be damaging.

Even if you survive the fall, you’ll need to think fast and get on your feet to get that far from the bloodthirsty creatures just waiting to rip you into a million tiny pieces, only to end up consuming your remains.

#4 Batman Arkham series

Batman: Arkham Knight

Everyone knows that being Batman is an exciting experience in itself, but actually acting like Batman will really enhance the experience. Players will fly, grab, free drive and even drive through the very well known Gotham City. The amount of freedom in this game is absolutely insane and gives a whole new meaning to open world gaming.

Think of all the times you’ve seen Batman jump in the air and superheroes land in the midst of chaos. That’s what this game is about.

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#3 Dishonored series

Another great series is the Dishonored series which consists of action-adventure games in which players have to use parkour to dodge and avoid enemy encounters as well as outwit the enemies.

Freerunning is a big part of this game, jumping from building to building, scaling walls and using the powers of the players to gain the upper hand against the endless corruption that has taken over the city. Bouncing off the walls can literally and figuratively save the player’s life in the long run.

#2 Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is an amazing survival horror game about roaming freely in its open world environment. Players must contend with hordes of infected, who are bloodthirsty, meat-hungry bastards waiting in the shadows for their next meal. Overall, the zombie horror game is exciting and fun, but there are other aspects to the game that really stand out.

Players must scale buildings, jump from terrace to terrace, and sprint away from the infected while searching for supplies and weapons. Players can even use wall running to narrowly escape the rampaging zombies chasing them. Who wouldn’t want to leap 100 feet into the air to try and escape the impending death that comes with a zombie apocolypse?

#1 in the Assassin’s Creed series

The very well-known and popular Assassin’s Creed series is an adventure-action stealth video game series known for its hand-to-hand combat. Players must scale huge towers, jump from insane heights and use their wits to outmaneuver their enemies.

The game’s most famous feature is the “Leap of Faith,” which requires players to literally jump into haystacks from the highest points in the game. This is not only used to avoid enemies, but also to explore the areas that players need to explore next. The game really showcases high-intensity situations and definitely keeps players trying their best to outsmart and outsmart their enemies.

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