10 of the world’s best city hotels to help you sleep better

While some executives routinely stay up all night or survive four hours a night with their eyes closed, not getting enough sleep is nothing to brag about.

Scientific evidence shows that the cognitive deficits that lack of sleep imposes on people can impair their ability to perform at work.

Elon Musk, who sleeps an average of six hours a night, once admitted in an interview that his productivity decreases when he sleeps less.

And like dr. Thomas Roth in Matthew Walker’s book Why We Sleep says, “The number of people who can survive without impairment with five hours of sleep or less, and rounded to a whole number, is zero”.

Getting a good night’s sleep when traveling, whether for business or pleasure, is a particular challenge for many, but more and more hotels are introducing sleep-inducing innovations, some based on AI, or offering sleep-inducing packages that include sleep-on-site caretakers.

To celebrate World Sleep Day this month, March 18th, we’re rounding up 10 city hotels to help you get your circadian rhythm back – from Dubai to New York, London to Paris.

Fitness brand SIRO will open its first hotel, SIRO One Za’abeel, in Dubai’s iconic One Za’abeel development later this year. Conceived as a fitness and relaxation destination, the new hotel offers bespoke programs and treatments developed by wellness specialists, including sleep experts, all designed to help guests unleash their peak mental and physical performance.

Rooms will feature the latest technology to promote restful sleep, including intelligent Aero Plush mattresses, recovery closets and smart curtains that connect to the SIRO app alarm clock and gradually open a few moments before the alarm goes off to allow natural light to enter the room. The alarm clock is set to follow the guest’s circadian rhythm to alleviate jet lag and encourage the body to wake up in a more rested state.

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The hotel will feature a state-of-the-art fitness club and a dedicated recovery laboratory with specialized wellness treatments ranging from cryotherapy to oxygen therapy.

Orlando’s Lake Nona Wave Hotel is home to a special room category called Well+ech that’s hardwired to a rotating roster of inventions from pioneering brands leading the future of sleep innovation.

These include Bryte’s AI-powered Restorative Bed, which uses AI to track sleep cycles and adjusts body temperature and pressure points throughout the night, and is also used at New York’s Park Hyatt Hotel (see below). Also accessories like Smart Nora, a snoring aid from SleepScore.

Installed throughout the hotel, View Smart windows use artificial intelligence to automatically adjust to the sun to increase access to natural light, resulting in more sleep. The hotel offers guests private access to certified sleep therapist Kristina Grabnickas, who can create daily travel plans to help achieve optimal sleep.

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