12 Best Cherry Grove Seeds in Minecraft (2023)

Pink petals are falling and the air is sweeter than ever. It’s finally cherry blossom season in Korea, Japan, and even Minecraft. Yes, the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update will bring a brand new Cherry Grove biome to the game, complete with beautiful cherry blossom trees, a welcoming environment, and more. But, similar to other mountain biomes, it’s not that easy to find. So let’s explore some of the best Cherry Grove seeds in Minecraft so you can venture into the pink biome right away.

Cherry Grove seeds for Minecraft 1.20 (2023)

Before we move on to the list, remember that all of the seeds in our list will work on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions as long as you have the version compatible (Snapshot 23W07A) with the Cherry Grove biome. However, the structures in both editions are not in the same place.

1. Snowy pink trees spawning

Our first seed opens with a small bang and spawns you in a cherry grove biome next to a snowy hill. The cherry trees only cover a small part of the area, but that gives them enough space to collect some snow. In the meantime, the rest of the area is mostly empty, giving the new biome a lot of focus. This seed is perfect for understanding the pink biome without feeling overwhelmed.

2. Pink Cherry Grove range

What makes cherry blossoms great in the real world is seeing them polish the mountain range, adding an array of colors to their usual duotone theme. Now you can experience the same thing in Minecraft with this seed that creates a perfect mountain peak. It starts with open grass fields and has ice and snow at the top.

But what really makes it special is the long cherry forest that forms in the middle of the mountain. In a way, it acts as the perfect bridge between the cold and the green. If you have the best Minecraft shaders installed, the scene will turn out to be a great wallpaper.

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3. A cherry blossom top

This Minecraft seed takes the relationship between Cherry Grove and the mountains to a whole other level by creating a huge one Cherry forest on a hill. It is right next to a body of water and has a mountain-like terrain with dirt and rocks on the side and grass on the bottom. Not to mention if you’re playing Minecraft with your friends, this spot is also tactical and reliable for a base.

The mountain’s height gives you a place to survey your surroundings, and the cave openings give you all the resources you need. Not to mention, the trees, plants and mobs in the area are there to take care of the food needs.

4. A forest of frozen cherry grove seeds

A main priority for progression in the game is the creation of a Minecraft house. It’s a base to return to after any great adventure, and it also serves as a reliable place to store your resources. With that in mind, we have this beautiful seed spawns you in the perfect spot to create a new base. You have a beautiful cherry forest on one side and a dark but inviting forest on the other. And to finish off the scenery, you get a big snowy mountain at the back.

You can get lava from a nearby lava pool, ores from a large canyon in the forest, and all building blocks from a number of trees and the mountain itself. When you’re done, there’s a river and an ocean right next to the spawn point. You only need a minecraft boat to explore the rest of the world of this amazing seed.

5. Village in Minecraft Cherry Grove Seed

Although we have dozens of Minecraft biomes in the game, very few of them are lucky when it comes to the villages. While Cherry Grove might not be one of those lucky biomes to have an exclusive village, this Minecraft seed definitely does. Here you spawn in a plains village, parts of which spill over into the nearby pink biome. Surprisingly, one of the villagers even moved to the higher part of the mountain to get closer to the snow.

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Now all you have to do is replace the wood in the house structures with the new cherry wood in Minecraft. The result will be one Village the game has never seen before. While you’re at it, we also recommend checking out some of these top Minecraft house ideas to give the villagers a long-awaited housing upgrade.

  • Seed Code: 5305304 (Java)

6. The 50-50 world

There’s a ton of great things about this Minecraft seed, and the half-pink, half-green forest is just the start. For starters, you must Take care of a lava pool as soon as you spawn Otherwise, forest fires will burn almost all of the wood in the area. Luckily, a beautiful river circles the hill, which might come in handy.

You don’t have to rely on that, however, because right next to the cherry trees is a beautiful waterfall that leads to a huge stalactite cave opening. Thus, you get the best basic friendly resources in the game while being part of a unique scenic vista.

7. Cherry Nation

While some people want imaginative spawn points, others want iconic scenes, and the rest of the seeds on our list offer more than those requirements. However, this Minecraft seed is made for people who just want to experience Cherry Grove in all its glory. It spawns you in one of the largest cherry blossom forests to ever exist in the game.

Whether you want to build a maroon wood castle or just a giant pink base, you can find all the cherry wood you need. Not to mention, whoever you need a bit of contrast, there are levels and snowy levels to balance it all out.

8. Cherry Ice Cream Pit

If we were to make a list of Minecraft’s most peaceful seeds, this one would definitely be a top contender. It spawns you near a small circular snowy mountain range that itself hosts a cherry grove biome. In addition, there are also a number of randomly generated cherry trees that will guide you to this beautiful location.

  • Seed Code: 77858
  • Main coordinates: 45, 183, 185

9. Opposites attract

There’s no doubting how cheerful and inviting this new Cherry Grove biome is. However, all other biomes in the game do not have the same vibe as pink mountain. This seed allows you experience the best of both worlds at the spawn point. On one side are the beautiful cherry trees with a touch of snow next to them. On the other side there is a savannah desert with a massive exposed stalactite cave.

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10. A world of flowers

Cherry Grove is making headlines in the community for all the right reasons. But it’s not the first flower-focused biome to make it in Minecraft. This seed is trying to remind you of that. It brings you in small cherry forest surrounded by vast fields of sunflowers and flower forests. If you like flowers, this seed has all the petals you could hope for and then some.

11. Pink Savannah Village

This minecraft seed is unique and special. It spawns you near a savannah village with an Ironsmith villager and a bunch of speedrunning-friendly resources. But instead of being a generally good village, this place features a series of houses scattered over a mountain. Some are next to the ice, and others find a home near the cherry forest.

However, what really makes this whole scenario special is the colorful contrast between Cherry Grove and the Savannah. Seeing them spawning together almost feels wrong. But it also reflects the range of natural environments that Minecraft can offer you.

12. Raiders in Pink

Last but not least, we have an adventurous minecraft seed. His spawn point is next to a looter outpost with a bunch of looters ready to hunt you down. But at least you can enjoy the beautiful scenery as you go down thanks to the gorgeous Cherry Grove that surrounds the outpost.

Not to mention, Outpost goes surprisingly well with Cherrywood. So once you take out its dwellers, it can serve as a tower house before you venture out into the world. However, you still have to share it with any Allays you might rescue from the nearby cages.

  • Seed Code: 134810009 (Java)

Explore cherry blossom seeds in Minecraft

Now that you’re ready to explore the latest Minecraft 1.20 biome, it’s time to dress up for the occasion. While the best Minecraft skins are more than enough to help you look your best, they’re often inevitably hidden by your armor. Luckily, the game is finally acknowledging this issue and compensating players with the new Armor Adornment feature in Minecraft. As the name suggests, this new item allows you to add special designs to customize your armor. This will not only keep you safe, but also look your best on your adventures, especially on multiplayer servers in Minecraft. However, exploration is still the main focus of Minecraft. So if you come across other great Cherry Grove seeds please leave the seed code in the comments below. Have fun exploring!

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