12 Of Montreal’s Best-Loved Poutines & Where To Find Them

One of Montreal’s favorite dishes is the humble poutine, a comfort food unlike any I’ve ever encountered. Perfect when you’re drunk and delicious when you’re sober, poutine brings warm, cheesy goodness to any occasion. But if you’re new to town (or just live under a rock for cheap rent), it can be daunting to confront the sheer number of poutine options available to you these days.

Consider this your guided tour of the island’s most respected poutine establishments, curated by esteemed Montrealers and serious allies. There’s more to Poutine than just La Banquise, but it’s an excellent base.

La Banquise

Address: 994, rue Rachel E.

Why you should go: This tourist haven is known for putting all sorts of toppings on its towering poutines.


Green spot

Address: 3041, rue Notre-Dame O.

Why you should go: The poutine served here is a classic smoked beef burger joint and standard, but never lackluster.


Decarie Hot Dog

Address: 953, Boulevard Decarie

Why you should go: This family-run fast food joint serves up a classic poutine that you just can’t beat.


Pool room Montreal

Address: 1217, Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Why you should go: This centuries-old downtown classic offers a traditional poutine experience.


Patati patata

Address: 4177, Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Why you should go: Especially if you like olives, the thin fries and flavorful gravy at this tiny plateau diner are sure to win you over.


Chez Ma aunt

Address: 3180, rue Fleury E.

Why you should go: For vintage vibes, greasy food, and poutine that will please even the pickiest of Montrealers.


Mrs. Bolduc

Address: 4351, Avenue De Lorimier

Why you should go: A cozy, artful eatery, the poutine sold here “not only tastes like any other poutine,” according to a Yelp reviewer, who recommended their poutine bourguignonne as a heartier option.


Paulo & Susanne

Address: 5501, boul. Gouin O

Why you should go: “Friendly and helpful staff. Interesting interior design. The menu is huge, the prices are fair and the portions are generous,” according to a Google review.


Chez Tousignant

Address: 6956, rue Drolet

Why you should go: This place is a hipster twist on the typical Quebec casserole, complete with burgers and authentic Québécois poutine.


Gibeau Orange Julep

Address: 700, boul. decaria

Why you should go: “Best poutine and hot dogs I’ve had in Montreal. The flavor of the sauce was amazing, the fries were super crispy even after they were soaked in sauce,” wrote one Google reviewer.


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