13: The Musical – Every Song Ranked From Worst To Best

Warning! SPOILERS for 13: The MusicalNetflix 13: The musical has 11 musical numbers – here’s a guide to each song, ranked from worst to best. 13 has been widely criticized for losing some of the magic contained in its Broadway version, a problem common to film musicals. While not every song made the cut from the original, a few new songs are included in the Netflix film.

13 tells the story of Evan Goldman, a 12-year-old on the verge of his thirteenth birthday and, consequently, his bar mitzvah. Evan has to deal with moving from New York to small town Indiana after his father and mother split up due to his father’s infidelity. Drama, life lessons and musical numbers ensue as Evan learns valuable lessons about growing up.


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From contemplative numbers about problems and life to breathtaking ensemble pieces, 13 offers a lot of different music in a variety of styles. The history of 13 is fairly basic, with its music being the piece of the film that really sets it apart from other shows. Here’s a look at each number sung by the cast 13: The musicalfrom worst to best.

#11 – I’ve been waiting

I have waited‘ is at the bottom of the list of 13‘s Musical Numbers because it is largely forgotten and its subject matter is unconvincing. There’s some good dancing and the talent of the singers is unquestionable, but it’s not enough to support this gaping song. If it were a little busier or something different in it to make it memorable,”I have waited“Maybe would have made it higher on the list.

#10 – Get ready

13The ensemble pieces of are by and large his weakest numbers. “Getting ready” is the best example of this problem. It shifts the movie from one scene to another, but there’s nothing special about it. If you were to get up and have a drink while doing it 13it should probably be during this song.

#9 – Brand new you

The final song in many musicals (like Hamilton) is used to come full circle and conclude the story. 13The last number of is not quite like that. It’s a fun party song but lacks substance. Given that the song before “brand new you” is such a powerful piece, it’s more than just a disappointment.

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#8 – Tell her

tell her” is one of the better ensemble numbers in 13. Although it ranks eighth on this list, it’s a really great song with beautiful harmonies and a great vibe. The only reason it’s not higher on this list is that its scene isn’t particularly impressive compared to many others that are ranked higher. “tell her” is a catchy tune and can stay in the viewer’s mind for days after watching it 13.

#7 – Bad bad news

Bad bad newsis a really fun number with a catchy melody and some impressive ensemble dancing. It adds some fun before the more subdued ending 13: The musical. It’s a great break from the drama Lucy caused and interacts with her problematic behavior through a lens of interesting melodrama. The high level of talent displayed by the young men in this scene is just a testament to how meticulous they are 13 was cast.

#6 – The Blood Master

Perhaps the strangest song title of all 13The blood masteris incredibly catchy and features some impressive high notes from Eli Golden. This song wasn’t in the original Broadway show but fits the mood of 13 Nice. “The blood master” is one of the best newcomers to 13.

#5 – Opportunity

opportunity” has an interesting history with 13. It was written for the original Broadway show and was even included on the original cast recording, but it was cut before opening night. To see it risen 13 on Netflix is ​​great because Lucy was really missing a good villain song.

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#4 – It would be funny

With lyrics that sound like something the cast came from Dear Evan Hansen would sing”It would be funny” is poignant, confident and tender, making it one of the best numbers 13. Evan and Jessica have a nice moment together during the song and it’s really nice. The only reason this isn’t higher on the list is that, despite being an excellent actress, Debra Messing’s voice leaves a lot to be desired.

#3 – 13

13The opening number of is strong. It features some absolutely amazing dances, has a great melody and showcases the talent of its main character. It brilliantly walks the fine line between performance and entertainment without sacrificing one for the other. “13” is an early showstopper and sets high expectations for the rest of the film.

#2 – The lamest place on earth

Like Frozen 2, 13 has a criminal character. The film really needs more Patrice than it offers and “Lamest place in the worldshows why. Patrice and Evan’s dynamic is delightful and this song is so pure and good. Patrice’s song about her budding friendship with Evan brings back memories of middle school summers spent with new friends and feels very real Perhaps the biggest misstep of the film version of 13 is that viewers no longer have the two of them together.

#1 – A little more homework

13‘s penultimate song showcases the show’s theme and serves as a point of catharsis for Evan and Patrice. This song is by far the best of the entire show. With lyrics like “I need a little less pressure and a little more time,” “A little more homework” is emotionally resonant and applicable to almost everyone in the audience. This is a song that can be found on the Netflix movie soundtrack and listened to repeatedly.

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13 has really eclectic music that covers a range of different genres. As with most Jason Robert Brown musicals, the music is the strongest part and the reason to see the film. While Netflix 13: The musical vastly different from its Broadway counterpart, the music is reason enough to give it a watch. 13: The musical is available to stream now on Netflix.

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