1tbsp delves into latest EP ‘It’s Very Loud’ in a Track-By-Track [Exclusive]

1 tbsp is a project by the Australian Grammy Award-nominated artist Maxwell Byrne that has a sound that can be compared to a mixture between Daphni, four tet and DJ Koze. This EP is titled “It’s Very Loud” and is now available through his own label Sumoklik.
The EP includes current singles alongside another previously unheard gem and title track, ‘It’s Very Loud’, co-written with his friend Squidgenini who was also featured on his 2022 single “Seasons.” 1tbsp exclusively shares a deeper dive into the EP in a track by track with EARMILK sometimes other things get in the way and I wanted to make it louder than the previous things I’ve done., 1 tbsp shares.

“Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound”

“In the last two years I’ve developed a deep love for DJing and throwing parties. But at the same time, I found that a lot of the dance music I was making didn’t quite fit or feel like a break in my set, “I made this song to change that, and every time I put it in playing my set it felt like a climax, which is such a special feeling. My favorite part of the song was stacking the detuned/chorus chords to feel like a wall of sound.”

“no no” (feat. mietze conte)

I made this one with my friend (and label signee) Mietze Conte. They showed me a bunch of music they made last year and we all decided to release it through Sumoclic (a record label I run). We made this song in Austria and I felt so inspired at the time. Mietze Conte played these chords on a juno60 and pushed the LFO very high. Sometimes it fell on the beat of the chords and sometimes it fell on the off-beat, so I edited the recording so the chords/bass fell on the beat and then on the off-beat.

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“It is very loud”

I build this around a bass line that Squidgenini played when we first met to write. I scraped everything else we did and put in some samples from tracklib. This is sort of the B-side of the EP and I tried to burn/dub it a bit slower. The main vocal on the track is that trashy pop vocal, but the way I edited it created new lyrics that weren’t originally there, resulting in the repeat of “It’s Very Loud”.

“Four Tet Is My Godmother”

This was built around a breakbeat containing a single bass note. I cut/pitched it into a bass line, which also caused the drums to change pitch, which sounded really interesting to me. I wanted this piece to feel a bit classic with the rave chords and soulful vocals but arrange it in a way that felt unique. Nick Ward sent me some modular recordings which I edited into the second half of the track which really makes it swell.

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