2022 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Best values on CBS, ESPN and Yahoo

The Average Draft Position is a very helpful tool for determining who to draft and when, but it’s only helpful if you’re using the right ADP. That’s why I’ve been writing this article for years, focusing on the ADP on each of the three main sites and how you can use them. Before we delve into the players, it might be helpful to draw on why there is such a discrepancy. I would suggest three main causes: analyst rankings, website forecasts, and momentum.

The first two are pretty easy. We rank players differently than ESPN and Yahoo analysts. People who draft on these sites are more likely to be influenced by these analysts. This becomes clear when you see that the gap between my rankings and ADP on the CBS scores isn’t nearly as large as on the other sites. The same principle applies to projections, which are often how players are sorted by default in the design space

Momentum is a similar concept in that once ADP is established on a side, most people don’t want to go too far beyond that number, and most players won’t go too far beyond that number. This makes it difficult, unless rankings or forecasts change, for ADP to change much.

Now let’s move on to the players below. You’ll find the QBs don’t have much value at all, but that’s because ADP drafted most of the quarterbacks before I would take them. If you find one in the same round, they’re good value. For the ESPN and Yahoo players I would suggest hedging between my ranking and the ADP. Don’t get all the way to my ranking, but don’t wait all the way to the ADP or someone might preempt you.

Projections powered by

Late stats: Marcus Mariota (two QB only), Dontrell Hilliard, Mike Davis, Nico Collins, Sterling Shepard

Projections powered by

Late stats: Melvin Gordon, Jamaal Williams, Mark Ingram, George Pickens, Michael Gallup, Evan Engram

Projections powered by

Late stats: James Robinson, Nyheim Hines, Isiah Pacheco, Khalil Herbert, Robert Woods, Treylon Burks, Cole Kmet

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