3 Tips on How to Maximize Twitter Video for Marketing

Video is the most engaging content format across all platforms, and while short-form clips are taking center stage at the moment, all video formats are worth considering as part of your broader digital marketing strategy.

And while Twitter hasn’t followed TikTok down the shorter-clips path (I mean, it’s tried that with Vine, I think), it’s tried to add more focus to video content by adding it Full screen video display formatsand a new video-specific feature pane in the Discover tab.

In fact, Twitter says so 71% of all user sessions in the app now include videoswhile users also scroll slower in the stream when viewing video content.

That’s worth considering — and if you’re looking to maximize your Twitter video approach, these tips from Twitter provide some additional guidance for in-app video content.

1. Keep videos short and simple

Not surprisingly, given the trend towards shorter video clips mentioned above and the short nature of tweets overall, Twitter says shorter videos perform better in the app.

“Our research shows that shorter ads (6 to 15 seconds) are more effective at increasing purchase readiness and intent.”

Twitter also says brands should use short tweets to accompany their video clips 10 words/50 characters is a solid goal (up to 30 words/160 characters for more detailed descriptions).

2. Include product, people and prominent branding

Twitter says that tweeted video clips should contain these elements:

  • Prominent branding — Your brand name and logo should appear at the very beginning of the video and within the first four seconds
  • Strong colors — Use dominant colors in the video that are close to your brand’s palette
  • your product or service — Insert your product/service within the first three seconds and make sure it’s on screen for 75% of the video
  • persons — Real people resonate. Including a human presence, a celebrity, or a crowd works particularly well
  • A sound-off strategy — Subtitles ensure accessibility for all and can help capture mobile viewers on the go.

These are good, general guides to video content and will ensure you maximize your branding and recall opportunities.

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3. Connect to what is happening

Twitter says people come to the app to keep in touch with the latest news and updates, and the more you can connect your brand message to that, the better.

Twitter says themed campaigns drive greater recall and brand awareness, which is worth considering in your planning, especially for seasonal events.

Twitter also recommends brands to consider this Connect campaigns to ensure they are engaged in relevant discussions throughout the year.

Twitter Ad Tips

These are some practical tips that can help keep your Twitter ad campaigns on track and maximize the platform’s capabilities.

But if you’re considering Twitter campaigns, you’d better jump in fast — before Elon Musk walks in and shuts down all in-app ads*.

It could be a great way to increase your reach and resonance this holiday shopping season.

*Note: This probably won’t happen. But it could.

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