3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week: March 27-April 1

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Passions run high as the Sun continues to burn through fiery Aries, but (for the first time in six months) Mars is no longer in thought-provoking Gemini, bringing a much-needed shift to the astrological atmosphere. And while the red planet of aggression isn’t exactly thrilled about being a sentimental transiting Cancer, these three zodiac signs will have their best week from March 27th to April 2nd because they *finally* have intuitive clarity about next steps win.

There are several planets and asteroids – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron, Vesta – passing through the cardinal territory of Aries, which continues to signal the start of a brand new chapter. Powerhouse Pluto is also activating socially conscious Aquarius’ zero-degree mark, having spent the last 15 years regenerating and transforming everything from government hierarchies to the structure of our personal and professional foundations. Pluto’s first entry into Aquarius – before stationing retrograde in May and re-entering Capricorn in June – presents us with an energetic prelude to what is to come that also highlights the areas where we are called to improve. can you feel the shift

This is about tapping into your unique frequency so that you can eventually share these gifts with the masses for the greater good. On March 28, the Moon in Cancer enters its first quarter phase, while Mercury joins forces with lucky Jupiter in Aries. The bigger picture is coming into focus, and with Mars now moving through Cancer, this newfound sense of hope and desire is likely coming from within. Meanwhile, Mars will meet with steward Saturn on March 30th in a stabilizing trine, which can be as reassuring as it is subliminally affirming. At the end of the week, after the Moon’s entry into heart-centered Leo, Luna will dance with the Sun and Jupiter in the fires of love, creativity and fertility.

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If your Sun Sign and/or Rising Sign happens to fall under one of the following zodiac signs, so this week you’re as inspired as ever:

These 3 zodiac signs are going to have the best week

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After six months of Mars in Gemini boot camp – considering it left you no choice but to delve deep into the inner workings of your mind – the red planet has finally left your mysterious 12th house and is officially crossing the sign. According to textbook astrology, Mars has been harmed by your emotional waters, but that doesn’t take away the energy and zest it brings to your inner world, almost as if you’re being nourished and replenished after a long sleep.

Professional and financial matters could come into play later in the week when the Moon enters Leo and your stability-seeking 2nd house, as it joins the Sun and lucky Jupiter in your 10th house of authority, the public figure, and of reputation will hit world. A newfound sense of hope and confidence in your personal life is reflected in your professional life.

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After months of deep introspection, you see the light at the end of the tunnel Scorpio. It’s a combination of things, starting with your traditional ruler Mars *finally* exiting your suspect 8th house and entering your 9th house of adventure, expansion, and self-discovery. Mars also rules your 6th house of health, daily rituals and work routines, so this highlights a new journey approaching in the realm of your daily life. Their modern ruler, Pluto, also entered Aquarius, which is quite large.

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On March 28th, Mercury conjunct Jupiter in your 6th house, adding a level of hope, passion and renewal to your daily affairs, followed by the Moon’s debut in Leo over your 10th house of authority, public persona and professional endeavors. Luna will eventually meet with the Sun and prosperous Jupiter in a heady trine where you could be presented with a passion project and/or some sort of professional opportunity.

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It’s refreshing when you realize that Mars is *finally* out of your sensitive 4th house of home, family issues, and emotional foundations, and is officially charging your heart-centered 5th house of love, passion, and self-expression. Whether creative or romantic, you have the energy and enthusiasm to embrace this new chapter in life, especially with a stellium of planets activating your stability-seeking 2nd house of comfort, finance, and value systems.

What makes you feel safe and grounded? You’re ready to show up for yourself and as the Moon enters Leo (your 6th house of daily routines and duty of care) on March 30th, Luna will meet the Sun and Jupiter over your 2nd house of money, self worth and sensual pleasures. Respecting your personal needs, desires, and values ​​proves remarkably rewarding.

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