49ers News: Did the Chiefs figure out how to slow down Nick Bosa?

Is it possible the Chiefs found a way to stop Nick Bosa?

Bosa certainly didn’t have a bad game on Sunday. After all, he had his seventh sack of the year, four tackles and a QB hit. However, it’s fair to say that he didn’t have as much of an impact on Kansas City’s offense as he typically does every week.

Debuting as a member of the Niners Nation Podcast Network, Steph Sanchez wondered what that means for the future.

“It was interesting that the Chiefs went straight for Nick Bosa. Many other teams would avoid Nick Bosa and the Chiefs went straight for him. It was definitely an interesting approach. I wonder if other teams will try to do the same in the future. Not every team will be the Chief’s offense – thankfully. Still, one should keep that in mind in future games.”

Bosa himself spoke about how the Chiefs attacked him during the game.

Use Screens, jet sweeps and drop passesthe Chiefs were able to minimize Bosa’s chances of blasting plays in the backfield by sometimes running straight at him without even bothering to block him.

Certainly other teams in the league are scrubbing every inch of this feature film for something to repeat that success with. Mike McDaniel and the Dolphins in particular will definitely implement the same concepts with all the speed they have on offense.

This is a test for DeMeco Ryans. There isn’t a coach or coordinator in NFL history who hasn’t had his lunch at some point in his career. If your opponent has to spend a whole week figuring out how to attack you, they will occasionally win.

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What makes great coaches great is their ability to learn from their mistakes and adapt to prevent the same thing from happening in the future. The Elite Trainers are the ones who can do this the fastest. The all-timers are able to diagnose the problem and make adjustments themselves during the game. It will be interesting to see Ryan’s strategy for minimizing the effectiveness of these plays going forward.

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