5 Best Beginner Tips for MultiVersus

Video game fans like to argue over which of their favorite characters would win in a fight. The list of games that have actually pitted characters from different franchises against each other is short, so these debates have largely remained speculation. Thanks to multiversus, but that is changing.

The latest entry in the Mixed Franchise Fighters category is multiversus, A game that borrows heavily from the past successes of its competitors while trying to innovate and push the genre forward. Fans of similar games will find a lot about it MultiVersus familiar, but that familiarity can be deceptive as there is much about this title that sets it apart from others. Here are some top tips for beginners looking to jump into the fray.


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Complete the Advanced Tutorial

Some players always skip the tutorial in games while others study each one. There are good reasons not to skip the Advanced Tutorials in multiversus, however. While the basics are easy to grasp, it can take a while to delve into the more complicated aspects of this deceptively cartoonish fighting game. Even before more characters are added, there’s a lot to learn here.

This is especially true for a long time great smash bros Players who, after seeing how much MultiVersus feels like that other title, wants to jump right in and start charging at enemies, relying on their skills in the previous game to carry them. This is a mistake. There may be similarities between the two titles, however MultiVersus is its own beast with its own nuances like Dodge Jumping and Dodge Attacking. Players who want to get the most out of their fighters, stages, and the game’s unique mechanics owe it to themselves to complete the Advanced Tutorials.

Consider the weight

Most of the important stats for each character are clearly detailed in-game. It’s easy to play as Batman and know exactly what moves he has and how much damage he does, for example. However, there is one crucial value that the game doesn’t reveal, but the presence of which players will feel as they play. Each character has a different weight and weight is extremely important for determination how far a character moves after being hit by an attack.

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A powerful attack that KOs Harley Quinn instantly, Superman could hardly budge. Of course, in a game where the goal is to knock your opponent out of the ring, it’s important to gauge how difficult that will be. Although character weights are not explicitly listed in the game, many players have started the hard work of determining these values. It’s worth taking some time to understand the effects of weight, either by following one of these player-made graphs or messing around in the lab.

Know your finishers

Like all best fighting games, MultiVersus has a wide variety of attacks for its characters. These attacks all serve one of three main purposes: deal damage, open up the target for follow-up strikes to set up a combo, or knock the opponent back so they can be taken down.

Every attack has a situation where it shines, and knowing the purpose of each attack leads to far more KOs than just random spamming attacks. Whether you’re lifting the Iron Giant for the first time or trying to master Shaggy, take some time in the lab to practice different moves. Pay special attention to which ones deal damage or set up the opponent and which ones can actually be used to finish off weakened opponents.

pick up perks

Leveling up a character unlocks unique perks for that character. Reaching level 9 unlocks trained perks, which allow a character to learn perks from other characters. This feature allows the player to customize their main gameplay by choosing the perks that suit them best, either by boosting their weaknesses or using their strengths.

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Although it costs gold to learn perks from another character, The player will get a discount if they have already unlocked this perk by leveling up the associated character. That said, even if the player is a Finn the Human main player, it can be worth taking the time to level up a character like Garnet or Bugs Bunny for their perks. Take some time to review each character and their perks, and come up with a plan that might be worth taking on in the future.

Play your role

Every character in it MultiVersus belongs to one of five roles that roughly describe their skills on the battlefield: Bruiser, Assassin, Tank, Support, and Mage. Each has a unique playstyle that new players should explore if they want to master the game. Players will always do better if they understand and play into their role.

  • bruises are solid all-around characters that excel at dealing damage to the enemy from the front lines. Because of this, Bruiser is arguably the best role for new players, as it doesn’t require any special knowledge of the game.
  • tank are slower characters with high defense, perfect when the player needs to take some serious punches without being knocked out of the ring.
  • Support Characters empower their allies, making 2v2 battles much easier than they otherwise would be.
  • assassin are light, nimble characters that excel at using their movement to land hits without taking too many hits themselves.
  • magician are ranged fighters that excel at keeping their enemies at bay and taking them out with special attacks to control the fight.

MultiVersus is now available on PC.

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