5 best Call of Duty Mobile tips to win more fights (March 2023)

The excitement of Call of Duty Mobile has grown since its inception. The game broke the record for most downloads in just a few days of its release. With such a diverse player base, the competition in COD Mobile is also extremely high. The FPS game (first person shooter) from Activision and Timi Studios has many great maps and a varied selection of weapons.

Below are some tips that will improve your gameplay and will see you into the big leagues soon.

Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile tips to win games in March 2023

5) Adjust your settings

You need to make sure the settings and controls are placed where you want them. Most beginners often copy their controls and settings from the game’s pro players. However, you must understand that copying settings from other players will not help you much if you do not have their skills or a similar device.

4) Find the right team

Choose the right squad in Call Of Duty Mobile (Image via YouTube/MrClasher)

Choosing the right teammates is crucial when trying to win every game on Call of Duty Mobile. Having the right players by your side will help you improve your movement in the game. You can properly explore the map, understand your teammates’ positions, and craft your strategy accordingly.

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You will also learn a lot by playing with a good team. There are many Discord servers you can join to find the right team to play with.

3) Get the most out of practice mode

Call of Duty Mobile offers a practice mode to help players master the game. Here you can improve your movement, aim and strategy. Players can access different types of in-game weapons in practice mode.

It will also be easier to choose the right weapons while playing the game after using them in practice mode. This will improve your gameplay and help you participate in COD Mobile.

2) React to sounds

To be successful in Call of Duty Mobile it is important to react appropriately to the sounds you hear. Pro players generally play with headphones on as this helps them hear enemy footsteps and make better predictions.

Call of Duty Mobile has always attached importance to the game’s sound designs. Once you get used to playing with your headphones, you’ll notice a significant difference in your gameplay.

1) Master your critical combat move

The importance of mastering movement on the battlefield of COD Mobile cannot be overstated. This makes it difficult for your opponents to shoot at you. There are several movement skills to master, including:

  • Punishment: Where players move back and forth during a shootout.
  • Slide ads: This is a movement style that sees players slide around corners with ADS, making it harder for the enemy to fire on them while being prepared to fire at the slightest sight of an enemy.
  • jump shot: This might be a bit difficult for beginners, but once mastered, it’s incredibly effective in gunfights. Players keep jumping while shooting at enemies.
  • Drop shooting: This type of movement requires players to lie on their stomachs and move from side to side while shooting at the enemies.
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These tips and tricks play a crucial role in a player’s success in Call of Duty Mobile. You should implement them accordingly in order to win matches consistently in the game.

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