5 Best Luggage Trackers of 2022

Baggage Tracker


Traveling is always fraught with breakdowns, and now more than ever, there’s no greater risk than checked baggage. In fact, one airline recently chartered an entire flight filled only with luggage to return more than 1,000 lost bags. That’s just a fraction of the 684,000 bags mishandled this year, according to Air Travel Consumer Reports released by the Department of Transportation. So skip the guessing game and panicked flight to the nearest airline kiosk by stashing baggage trackers in your belongings.

A baggage tracking device can fill in the gaps where your lost items might be. You work over to use Technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi (depending on the tracker) to locate an object: “A GPS tracker taps into a global satellite system that uses microwave signals to pinpoint the exact location of the device in real time,” says Rachel Rothman, chief technologist & executive technical director of the Good Housekeeping Institute. Other trackers use Bluetooth, so they need to be in relatively close proximity to the paired device, or in some cases within range of other Bluetooth devices on the network. It’s not exactly a foolproof measure – your luggage can still get lost – but knowing exactly where it ended up should give you some relief.

We at the Good Housekeeping Institute have found the best luggage trackers worth putting in your suitcase. Our selection includes tags that our lab pros have tried over time and during our search for the best key finders.

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Our top picks:

Stay tuned to our picks to learn more about key features to look for in a luggage tracker, as well as more information on how we tested and gave our top recommendations. Need more help packing for your next trip? Check out our guides to the best luggage brands, best smart luggage and best carry-on luggage.

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battery type Interchangeable
compatibility bluetooth networks
subscription none
size 3.27in x 0.47in x 4.09in


Pro bluetooth tracker

battery type Interchangeable
compatibility bluetooth networks
subscription Optional Tile Premium ($2.99 ​​per month) or Tile Premium Protect ($8.33 per month)
size 2.32in x 0.3in x 1.32in


GPS unit with track recorder

battery Rechargeable
compatibility Geographic Positioning System
subscription Starting at $19.95 per month
size 2.25in x 2.25in x 0.8in

BEST LUGGAGE TRACKING for international travel

GPS unit with track recorder

battery type Rechargeable
compatibility GPS and WiFi
subscription Required monthly fee of $19.95
size 1.81in x 1.5in x 0.6in


Stainless Steel Smart Baggage ID Tag

battery type N / A
compatibility QR code
subscription none
size 3.15in x 1.73in

How we picked the best luggage trackers

Our Good Housekeeping Institute engineers regularly test the latest and greatest technologies like fitness trackers and even dog GPS trackers so you know what the investment is really worth for your needs. We haven’t officially tested this category, but our recommendations come from a combination of one-off GPS tracker reviews by our experts, previous tests from our lab’s best key finder guide, and recommendations from top-rated online reviews.

In our key finder test, we tried some in our lab and sent others to consumer testers for real user feedback. We logged tens of hours with these trackers and collected hundreds of data points These include the length of the tracker range, the volume of the decibel reader alerts, the ease of changing the battery, and the ease of use of the apps.

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Which functions should be considered in a luggage tracker?

✔️ battery type: Some GPS trackers use rechargeable batteries that only last a few days before needing to be plugged in, while others come with removable batteries that can last well over a year, says Rothman. If you’re going on a longer trip, invest in one with a long battery life.

✔️compatibilities: “It’s ideal to look for a tracker with a couple of complementary technologies that are used,” says Rothman. “That way, you have the peace of mind that no matter where in the world it lands, you can track your baggage!” For those using only Bluetooth, you need to be in close proximity, so it’s less beneficial for baggage tracking and more suitable for finding a set of lost keys in your house. Some use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, or leverage larger Bluetooth device networks to provide greater coverage, as is the case with the AirTag and Tile. Those with GPS offer large coverage areas and more accuracy, but can be easily obscured indoors.

✔️ Subscription Fees: Many tracking devices offer basic features for free, but some offer premium features like GPS tracking or real-time location services with a monthly subscription. Make sure the device you choose has the functionality you want before committing to a subscription.

✔️ size: Baggage trackers come in a few standard sizes, and none are particularly large (think a credit card size in terms of length and width), says Rothman. Some are smaller and can be used as key fobs or tucked away neatly in a pocket to stay hidden. The best tracker for you will depend on how versatile you want it to be: if it’s just for luggage, a little bigger is probably fine, but if you plan to use it for keys and wallets as well, you might want to look for one smaller shape.

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Are baggage trackers TSA approved?

Why trust Good Housekeeping?

As Good Housekeeping’s Chief Technologist & Executive Technical Director, Rachel Rothman oversees the testing methodology, implementation and reporting for all labs. During her 14 years at the Institute, the self-proclaimed Gadget Girl has had the opportunity to review thousands of products, including countless innovative breakthroughs in consumer technology and home improvement. She ran the tests on the above lab-recommended picks and provided her expertise on GPS trackers for this guide. Jacqueline Saguin, Associate Product & Reviews Editor, teamed up with Rothman and checked out popular online reviews to round up all of the luggage tracker picks above. She regularly works with the labs to synthesize their data and compile product ratings on the best products according to the tests.

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