5 Best Sparkling Water Makers UK 2023 – Best Soda Makers

No fancy dinner party is complete without a carafe of sparkling water on the table, and with one of our best soda makers, you can transform humble tap water into a more stylish sparkling counterpart whenever you like.

Equipped with CO2 canisters, sparkling water makers inject rapid bursts of gas into your water with just a few button presses or the pull of a lever.

Aside from adding value to your drinks menu, they’re an eco-friendly purchase that will hopefully eliminate some single-use plastic bottles from your weekly shop. They also tend to look elegant and add style to your curated kitchen counter. There’s even a model on our list that fizzes other liquids, the DrinkMate OmniFizz – hello, homemade sparkling wine.

To find the best-tasting soda, our expert testers put the market leaders to the test (including some SodaStreams). Here’s the best at a glance:

How to choose a sparkling water maker

Aside from important color decisions, there are some important considerations to make when purchasing a soda maker.

Size: First, check if it fits in your kitchen; They’re not big gadgets, but they can be big, so if you’re storing yours under a kitchen cabinet, measure the space before you buy.

To bundle or not to bundle: Some vending machines are sold individually, others come with gas cartridges and the specifically compatible water bottles. The latter package is ideal if you’re buying your first machine, but don’t double down if you already own the accessories.

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syrups: The syrups available also deserve an honorable mention, as they add pep to your drinks and turn water into everything from Pepsi to lemonade. Generally made by SodaStream, these are added to already sparkling water, meaning you can still enjoy them no matter which soda maker you choose.

Compatibility: Every Soda makers on our list take gas cartridges that make 60L of sparkling water. However, container lids can vary in shape, so make sure they will fit your machine of choice before stocking up. SodaStream’s “Quick Connect” canisters, for example, aren’t compatible with all soda makers, but the brand has a gas cylinder replacement program to improve its environmental credentials.

This is how we test vending machines

To find the best soda makers, our expert testers conducted a blind tasting test and noted how the soda felt in their mouths. They measured how much CO2 each press added to the drink, which they analyzed repeatedly to look for a consistently fizzy result. They also rated each machine’s design, ease of use and noise level.

These are our top fizzers:

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