5 Best Tag Team Partners Of AJ Styles’ Career (& The 5 Worst)

Very few wrestlers competing today are better and more recognizable than AJ styles. Styles has been world champion at every major promotion he’s signed to for the last several decades. Despite his undisputed status as a main event star, Styles began his television wrestling career as a tag team performer on the often-forgotten Air Raid. On occasion, AJ Styles has returned to the tag team division with some of the best talent in the world.

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For every bullet club they have, there is a Christian coalition that is far less successful. Not all of AJ’s returns to tag team wrestling have been with legendary wrestlers that we remember. Some of Styles’ runs with a partner were memorable or actively awful for fans.


10 Best: Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega and AJ Styles currently represent the top two promotions in North America, but before that they were both members and eventual leaders of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Bullet Club. While they are mostly singles competitors, the two have teamed up for a game in Japan.

While the two competitors eventually became rivals, their one-tag team outing was a fun match. They were able to beat YOSHI-HASHI and “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura on the 2016 Wrestle Kingdom card. AJ was soon to leave for WWE and Kenny would eventually oust him as leader of Bullet Club, but before they fought, fans had a match to see two of the best teams.

9 Worst: Randy Savage

Few of today’s top talents can claim to have worked with legendary “Macho Man” Randy Savage. AJ had this honor early in his career as one of Impact Wrestling’s homegrown stars. Unfortunately, the macho man Styles only tagged for one night wasn’t the same Savage that fans consistently hailed in his 1980s heyday.

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Savage was unhappy and didn’t want to fight the match, so AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy made the match against TNA’s Kings of Wrestling team. He eventually ran down towards the end and landed a few punches to pin one of the company’s frequent world champions, Jeff Jarrett. While AJ Styles can say he worked with one of the greats, despite the win, it wasn’t one of AJ’s better teams.

8th Best: Christopher Daniels

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels were among the best tag teams in TNA Impact’s early years. The duo originally hooked up in 2005 and used their chemistry as true friends to rocket to the top of the map relatively quickly. From there, the tag team sent a beam of energy to the division as they had done with the X Division as rivals.

Their stories as a team always resulted in stellar matchups, with one of their first feuds being challenging each of the tag teams in the division to prove they could fight champions. Daniels was a match for Styles in every respect in the ring and was delivering outstanding matches at the time. Each game, the unit increased each time it defended the titles. At the same time, TNA had a lot of less exciting stories, especially in 2006, but Styles and Daniels as a duo always delivered.

7 Worst: Omos

AJ Styles is one of the best wrestlers in the world and he has had a long career as a tag team excellence and singles star. Unfortunately, while his pairing with Omos was technically one of his most successful runs in WWE, it was without a doubt one of his worst.

AJ couldn’t shine and constantly had to be the punching bag for the far more limited omos to achieve stardom. Not only was AJ limited with his partner, but he also had limited competition. The Raw tag team division has improved since then, but at the time, Omos and AJ had very few contenders for the titles. As such, AJ often had to carry his inexperienced partner and opponents to suitable matches when The New Day was unavailable to assist him.

6 Best: Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson

AJ Styles was one of the top heels in New Japan Pro Wrestling from 2014 to 2016 when he took charge of the promotion’s Bullet Club. Two of the other members of the faction, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, quickly became AJ’s muscles, and the three briefly ran recklessly across the list.

When AJ made the jump to WWE in 2016, his partners in Bullet Club arrived shortly after and the three continued to dominate. While the club never enjoyed the same success as AJ as a duo in WWE, the team was nigh unbeatable when AJ was their leader, feuding with international stars like Tetsuya Naito in NJPW and wrestling legends like John Cena.

5 Worst: Finn Balor

While the “new club” team of Finn Balor and AJ Styles was thrown together at Wrestlemania Backlash 2022, it gave hope to some fans. Balor and AJ work very similar high-octane styles, and both are constantly at the bottom of the live crowd, despite abuse.

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Although Finn and AJ had several solid matches against Judgment Day and Los Lotharios, the split was always in sight. Also, the duo was put together to help everyone but AJ in the first place. The pairing’s abrupt end after the Hell in a Cell 2022 event finally sealed one of the styles’ best partners clearly in the worst column.

4 Best: Kurt Winkel

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles are both rightly in the running for greatest wrestler of all time and certainly Impact Wrestling, formerly known as TNA. Depending on the age of the fans talking, you can refer to classic games for both promotions in multiple promotions. The two greats worked together at Impact, but in 2012 they weren’t opponents carrying the main event scene; They were TNA World Tag Team Champions.

The two teamed up briefly in 2007 as part of The Angle Alliance. Still, their real run at the top of the tag team division began years later, culminating in a championship win at Slammiversary, the company’s biggest show. Part of what makes Angle and AJ’s team so revered by fans is that the two top stars teamed up during the Claire Lynch storyline, so the team gave Styles a chance to make compelling television shows during that time.

3 Worst: Tomko

Tomko and AJ Styles have teamed up not once but twice, each time being relatively disappointing. Despite having two high-profile stories and a championship run, the team never functioned and AJ never felt like a star with Tomko by his side, in part because they’ve always been in a larger faction.

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They certainly weren’t boring in the ring, but AJ Styles has teamed up with several more experienced and charismatic performers. AJ and Tomko’s absence of the spotlight throughout their alliance is telling, considering they held the promotion’s Tag Team Titles for 180 days and were still treated as an afterthought. Had Styles been paired directly to a bigger star like Christian instead of his muscle, it might have had a more significant impact.

2 Best: Chris Jericho

Y2AJ didn’t last long, and even some of Styles’ worst allies have proven to be more successful partners over the years. When Chris Jericho and AJ Styles teamed up immediately after AJ’s debut in 2016, both men felt more important and began another chapter in Jericho and AJ’s careers.

The two wrestled exactly as you would expect in any match, like two of the best in the business. Considering fans were so visibly upset that the team seemed destined for a breakup, it was proof that a full breakup between the two could have led to terrific results. Although AJ Styles only worked with Jericho for a short time, it also resulted in a major match at WrestleMania, cementing Jericho’s importance in AJ Styles’ career in WWE.

1 Worst: abyss

Abyss and AJ Styles are two of the biggest stars Impact has ever produced, and the fact that neither were ex-WWE Stars when they arrived in Impact Zone makes this achievement even more phenomenal. Although they were two of the top stars of all promotions, their collaboration was a huge disappointment. Their rivalry was one of the better early parts of the product in 2006, which also made their alliance a bit confusing.

The team was originally formed using the tired “rivals turned allies” trope commonly found in wrestling. Though it resulted in a championship win, history demanded of them never to defend the titles as a team dragging down the division.

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