6 best QB options for Raiders to replace Derek Carr, ranked from Aaron Rodgers to Mac Jones

For the first time in 10 seasons, the Raiders will have a new starting quarterback in 2023. Las Vegas released him from his contract on Tuesday, as expected after benching Derek Carr for the final two games of the 2022 regular season.

The Raiders had attempted to sell Carr to the Saints, where he could have been reunited with his first NFL coach, Dennis Allen. Instead, Carr becomes a free agent and can explore his many options among QB-needed teams as the offseason begins.

However, now that Carr has been ousted, the Raiders must focus on finding a new top QB. Luckily for Las Vegas, there are plenty of intriguing options, from the biggest names to promising newcomers to those familiar with the system of current offensive-minded coach Josh McDaniels.

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Ranking the Raiders’ 6 best QB options for 2023

1. Trade for Aaron Rodgers

Moron. The organization has treated Carr as a replacement version of Rodgers, the point of reuniting with his former Fresno State go-to-turned-elite NFL wide receiver Davante Adams. But Carr was never close to reality, despite some efficient numbers. Rodgers performs on a whole different level with the same support.

Outside of Green Bay, the Jets and Raiders appear to be struggling to land the right blockbuster bid to take over Rodgers. Aside from reuniting with Adams, Rodgers would also find success with tight end Darren Waller, once a Packers trade target and slot ace Hunter Renfrow. He could also benefit from another big running game should the Raiders re-sign Josh Jacobs.

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Tom Brady would have topped this list if he hadn’t retired from the NFL. But based a little on Brady saying how much Rodgers would destroy it for McDaniels, the Raiders have to be very aggressive to go after the biggest QB prize that didn’t budge the previous offseason.

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2. Trade for Kirk Cousins

Cousins ​​and Carr might as well be the middle-class QBs’ Spider-Man meme. They both have strong arms and can sometimes hit the same punchy numbers, but in their 30s they’ve shown a lot that their frustrating weaknesses keep them behind transcendent passers in bigger games. So wait, why would the Raiders want a different version of Carr?

The Raiders have great passing weapons for McDaniels and need a qB who can get the ball to Adams, Waller and Renfrow. Cousins ​​can treat them right by throwing them like Justin Jefferson, TJ Hockenson and Adam Thielen. He’s also good at leaning on Jacobs and the running game to capitalize on deep shots from game action better than Carr. Cousins ​​is also a bit more aggressive and is better at stretching the field for McDaniels than Carr.

The Raiders cut Carr before committing another $32.9 million, so getting Cousins ​​based on the Vikings isn’t attractive based on his 2023 cap hit of $36.25, however they would be more willing to make a restructured deal work as part of the deal.

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3. Sign Jimmy Garoppolo

Rodgers would be the ultimate Brady backup and then some. But it’s also clear that Garoppolo, Brady’s once-powerful backup at New England McDaniels, would make sense on a much cheaper free-agent deal that doesn’t require draft capital to get him.

Jimmy G won well with McDaniels before settling into Kyle Shanahan’s NFC Championship Caliber system in San Francisco. If the Raiders just want to win, baby, by investing more to improve their supporting cast for McDaniels, then it would feel good to add Garoppolo, baby.

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4. Draft Bryce Young, CJ Stroud or Will Levis

The Raiders sit 7th overall in the first round of the 2023 draft. There’s a decent chance that Young and Stroud will then disappear from the board, but there’s also a chance of an aggressive trade should they fall for either as rookie franchise QB for McDaniels.

Otherwise, there’s a good chance Levis, the pocket passer with responsive arm, accuracy and intangibles, should be available after the Texans and Colts pick earlier, assuming neither the Seahawks nor the Lions lead the Raiders in the two picks go QB. Levi

5. Sign Jacoby Brissett

Brissett spent a season at McDaniels as a Patriot in 2016 as a third-round rookie before being traded to the Colts the following year. Brissett had a great 2022 (check it out) starting the first 11 games for the Browns, replacing Deshaun Watson.

Brissett doesn’t sound like the most exciting option as a standalone, but has more appeal as a cheap, high-end bridge QB who knows the offense associated with drafting one of the aforementioned first-round quarterbacks.

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6. Trade against Mac Jones

Before delving into that possibility, let’s rule out the Raiders rolling with just Carr’s remaining backup Jarrett Stidham, as the McDaniels connection stretches itself too far in hoping for positive long-term results from a limited talent.

Jones had several run-ins with the Patriots’ piecemeal offensive coaching staff in the season after McDaniels left. It is unknown how we will react and how we will fit into the Bill O’Brien system.

The Patriots should also see that they can have a high level to complement their defensive and running game with Jones, but the ceiling to win big under Bill Belichick in the near future may not exist on the AFC East landscape , especially if the Jets get Rogers while the Bills still have Josh Allen and the Dolphins get more out of Tua Tagovailoa.

Those would be the Patriots’ best chances of getting away from Jones unless they feel like he’s the franchise passer of choice without McDaniels. McDaniels could be keen to go here should Rodgers and Garoppolo be taken off the table, but it feels like an intriguing long shot for now.

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