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Release date of 65 rent online

Turns out Jurassic World doesn’t have a monopoly on dinosaur thrills, so here’s the latest on the 65 rent online release date. As with the Michael Crichton-inspired films, it will be most impressive on the big screen, but if you want to see it at home, one of the first early access options is to rent it.

As for the specifics for starting 65 movie rental online, there are a few things to consider as the more expensive early access comes earlier than the later and less expensive regular rental. To point you in the right direction, we’re going to walk you through everything we know so far to bring you the latest release date information for each of them.


The film’s one-line intro reads, “65 million years ago, the earth had a visitor,” and that visitor is Adam Driver as the pilot of a spaceship that crashes when it hits an asteroid. It’s possible this is the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs and the impact knocked it off course, but we’ll have to wait for the theatrical release to find out for sure.

It’s directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who co-wrote A Quiet Place, so you know there’s going to be some pretty tense moments. The trailer shows some of them with some very hungry dinosaurs roaming free at the end of the Cretaceous period.

If you want to know what are the options to watch it outside of the theater, along with the release date of 65 rent online, the following sections will give you a good starting point. We have also included details for possible streaming services in addition to the rental details and will update these once things are confirmed.

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Home Premier Rental


Your first chance to witness the move from home is with early-access rental services like Amazon’s Home premiere, which typically takes place between 45 and 60 days after the release date. For the 65th move, which is due to appear on March 10, 2023, we expect it to be at the end of April to the beginning of May at the earliest before you can rent it online.

When will Avatar 2 come out on Disney+?

With films like Top Gun Maverick setting the trend for well-reviewed films to take a longer break between initial release and home entertainment, the later estimate is probably a safer bet. That means it could well be towards the end of May when it runs longer in theaters with a slightly earlier launch in North America compared to the UK.

You should be able to rent and buy the film with early access theatrical releases on Amazon Prime, iTunes and the Google Play Store, making them available to 65 online retailers. Purchasing the film during Early Access will be more expensive with a higher price point than the DVD and Blu-ray at a later date.

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Release date of 65 rent online

With its desperate race against ferocious dinosaurs, the ’65 film has written cinema impact everywhere, and if you’re waiting for standard digital distribution, you might want to aim for July 2023. This will be the cheapest option you can see the film unless your local cinema makes crazy offers to get under the online rental price.


Before that, though, get the Blu-ray, standard digital buy and DVD release for £65 in the UK at the end of June. This will no doubt be much earlier in North America, where it is expected to take place in early to mid-June.

Normally you get standard price online launches about a week after the release date of the standard price DVD, Blu-ray and digital retail versions. That gives us the July target for iTunes, Amazon Prime Video and the Google Play Store.

As with Early Access, the exact release date will depend on how long it does well at the box office. This could mean the timeline is on the longer side of the spectrum for renting out the film so it has more time to make the most of the theatrical run.

The other thing to consider is the release’s proximity to the start of the summer holidays. This could be another indication that they’ll be leaving later to coincide with the holidays when people have a little more time to watch movies.


We will keep you updated with more details on the Rent 65 release date as soon as they are confirmed. To keep an eye on the latest upcoming films, you can also visit our film news section. Alternatively, visit the official website at

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Where can I watch the film online?

While 65 will eventually stream on one of the major subscription services, there’s nothing official as to when and which one at the moment. It’s published by Sony Pictures and its films can be streamed on both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, so it could go either way.

This will be years away though, so won’t have a huge impact on UK and North American rental dates or DVD, Blu-ray and digital download. As we look at other similar films, we’re probably not watching until late 2024 before they’re available to stream at the earliest, so we’ll keep you posted.

Is it possible to watch the movie 65 on Hulu?

If you’re a Hulu subscriber in North America, you might be wondering if there’s a chance it will stream on Hulu or not. It’s probably unlikely because Hulu is owned by The Walt Disney Company and NBCUniversal, so a Sony Pictures release is more likely to stream on Netflix or Amazon Prime. This will most likely be the case for the ’65 film as well, in addition to online digital buy and rent release on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play.

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