7 Best Lawn Sweepers of 2022 — Tow-Behind and Push Lawn Sweepers

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If you crave the clean, manicured look of a garden that’s free of grass clippings, leaves, and pine needles, consider a garden sweeper. These machines use long, rotating brushes – like a vacuum cleaner – to “sweep up” small garden debris and store it in a large hopper that can be emptied later. The bristles on these brushes are specially designed to be strong enough to pull debris into the hopper but gentle enough not to damage your grass. Lawn sweepers are typically towed behind a garden tractor, although some push models can be manually operated.

The best lawn sweepers

What to consider

The most important thing to consider when choosing a lawn sweeper is whether or not you should go for a trailed or a push model. While towing options require the least manual effort from you, you must already own a lawn tractor or ATV to tow them. They are also typically larger than push models and take up significantly more space in your garage or tool shed. Push sweepers might be more convenient for those with smaller lawns, and while you have to manually push them yourself, this can actually make them more convenient to use. Without worrying about tractors, hitches or fuel, just push your sweeper onto the lawn and get to work.

You should also think about how much debris you want to sweep up and what you will do with it. If you have a large property and dump your load frequently, consider a handle or rope model that allows you to dump the hopper without getting off the tractor. This way, you simply reverse into your compost or rubble pile, unload quickly and get right back to sweeping.

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As we have chosen

In compiling this list of lawn sweepers, we scoured several prominent lawn and garden review sites, as well as our own personal experience in the world of landscaping. We also made sure to exclude any options that had common quality control or durability issues, which is why we were only able to find a single Push model that met our standards. We were also hoping to include a sweeper, but couldn’t find any models that had enough positive reviews to warrant a spot on our list. We’ve done our best to offer a wide range of sizes and prices, so no matter your lawn size or budget, you should be able to find one to suit your needs.

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Overall best

44 inch lawn sweeper

key specifications

size 44 inches
container capacity 25 cubic meters
weight 95 pounds
style tow away

Best push sweeper

26 inch lawn sweeper

key specifications

size 26 inch
container capacity 7 cubic feet
weight 25 pounds
style To press

Best for big yards

52 inch lawn sweeper

key specifications

size 52 inches
container capacity 26 cubic meters
weight 86 pounds
style tow away

Best multifunction option

42 inch trailer lawn sweeper

key specifications

size 42 inches
container capacity 20 cubic meters
weight 95 pounds
style tow away

Best low-cost tow-behind option

42 inch tractor behind lawn sweeper

key specifications

size 42 inches
container capacity 17.8 cubic feet
weight 72.7 pounds
style tow away

Best for grass clippings

42 inch high speed lawn sweeper

key specifications

size 42 inches
container capacity 22 cubic meters
weight 72 pounds
style tow away

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