8 best laptop stands for Apple’s MacBook Pro & MacBook Air

A laptop stand can elevate your MacBook enough to relieve neck strain and help you look better on video calls. Here are our best laptop stands, whether you’re working in the office or working from home.

Using a stand to elevate your MacBook to eye level can help improve your posture when you work long hours at a desk. It can also give you a more flattering angle on FaceTime videos, averting double chins or a glance at your nose.

To break up longer hours working on a MacBook, you can change your workspace by moving to a couch or bed. Instead of hunching over your laptop, a stand can make your work more comfortable from a desk or recliner.

Native Union

Native Union’s Fold Laptop Stand is as minimalist as it gets. This stand is made of sturdy aluminum and equipped with non-slip silicone pads on the bottom to prevent this laptop stand from sliding around.

Native Union laptop stand for MacBook Pro or Air

It props your MacBook up at a 14-degree angle, giving you a slight boost for video calls. In addition, the open concept of this laptop stand allows a constant flow of air, so your MacBook does not overheat.

When not in use, you can fold it up and store it in the included carry bag. This laptop stand is easy to carry if you regularly commute or travel with your MacBook.

You can snag this easy-to-use laptop stand directly from or Amazon for $39.99.


The Soundance computer stand is made of thickened aluminum alloy and equipped with non-slip rubber feet to prevent sliding. It elevates your MacBook 6 inches higher so you don’t have to bend over your screen.

When you have taken your MacBook from your desk, you can store desktop peripherals like your mouse or keyboard under this stand to keep your desktop clean and tidy.

It holds your MacBook firmly in place with two extended arms, allowing adequate ventilation for your MacBook. A piece of metal connects the two arms of this laptop stand and can be detached if you need to take it apart for storage or travel.

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This stand has rounded corners. Those rounded edges are safer than sharp ones since it’s aluminum, and sharp edges can hurt a lot more if you accidentally bump into it.

Shop direct from Amazon with prices starting at $24.64 depending on color.


The 675 USB-C Dock is Anker’s newly released laptop stand that does more than just elevate your MacBook. If your desk is a jungle of external hard drives and dongles, this laptop stand with built-in charging ports can help tame those cables.

The computer stand from Anker doubles as a docking station

On the laptop stand you will find a USB-C upstream port with max 100W, three USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, SD and microSD card slots, a 4K HDMI port, a wireless charging pad and an Ethernet port. Also included is a 180W DC power adapter, power cord, and USB 3.2 Gen 2 cable.

Though this stand has numerous ports that might look scruffy, Anker tries to keep it classy by crafting the top out of aluminum alloy with rounded edges. However, they stopped briefly because the legs of this stand are plastic.

If the plastic legs don’t put you off, this expensive stand lets you elevate your MacBook 3.5-inch while you charge and connect your peripherals. It may be what you need to minimize a criss-cross of cables on your desk.

Get this stand with a docking station from Amazon for $249.99.


For those who regularly lug around their MacBooks, the Moft laptop stand doubles as a laptop sleeve with room for your credit cards and small accessories like charging cables and power adapters.

Moft offers a multitasking laptop stand that doubles as a carrying case

You need to do some origami to turn this from a tote bag into a stand. It can raise your MacBook about 2 to 3 inches higher depending on how you fold it.

The moft case/stand is made of vegan PU leather, which is scratch-resistant and water-resistant. It comes in two sizes, so go for the large size for a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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Shop directly from Moft with prices starting at $59.99 or Amazon with prices starting at $50.99 depending on size and color.

Twelve South

The HiRise Pro stand is adjustable, a coveted feature that basic laptop stands can’t offer. You can adjust it from 2.5 to 6 inches in height.

Twelve South HiRise Pro accommodates your MagSafe charger

There’s room for a MagSafe charger under this laptop stand, so you can charge your phone or AirPods wirelessly. Note that the MagSafe charger is not included.

Your MagSafe charger is detachable from the base of this laptop stand and you can swap out the MagSafe disc for another disc charger provided the size is 55mm x 5mm. Additionally, the stand features the same silver and black aesthetic common to Apple products, making it easier to camouflage it in your Apple ecosystem.

It holds your laptop with two arms spread out in a V-shape and can accommodate MacBooks from 11″ to 16″ wide. You can get the HiRise Pro directly from or from Amazon for $99.99.

Another best laptop stand option from Twelve South is the Curve SE (read our Curve SE review). This no-frills stand consists of two outstretched arms that cradle your MacBook while allowing it room to breathe.

Twelve South Curve SE laptop stand

The Curve SE stand is compatible with laptops that are at least 10.2 inches wide and weigh up to 7 pounds. This stand is made of metal and has silicone grips on the arms to prevent them from scratching your MacBook. Additionally, the bottom of the laptop stand features non-slip grips to keep it securely in place.

This one-piece metal laptop stand is available in black or white, both in a classic matte finish. Get the Curve SE directly from or Amazon for $59.99.


To break the monotony of the dreary hours on a MacBook, you might want to change your workspace. The Zapuno laptop bedside table lets you work from your couch or bed.

The Zapuno laptop bedside table lets you work from a couch or bed

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This laptop bedside table elevates your MacBook to 11 inches and features a curved edge to keep it close to your torso. A small drawer underneath can store light essentials like a pen and notebook.

If you tend to get hungry during your workday, there’s a 3-inch cup holder for a bottle of water, a can of soda, or to stash your snacks.

In Zapuno’s attempt to maximize space and functionality on this bedside table, an 11-inch slot is built into the top to place an iPad or iPhone. However, this is a thin slot so it probably won’t fit if you have thick protective cases on your tablet or phone.

When you need to move from your couch to bed, this table has foldable legs so you can quickly fold it to move it. In addition, the legs have anti-slip padding to keep them in place during use.

This laptop bedside table costs $37.99 on Amazon and comes in black or beige.


Although working with your MacBook on your lap isn’t optimal for good posture, a lap table can elevate your laptop and reduce strain on your neck. You could put your MacBook on it and set it on your desk to raise it about 3.5 inches, but this is more appropriate if you’re sitting on a couch or bed.

Huanuo Lapdesk lets you work comfortably with your MacBook on your lap

Underneath is an attached pillow to cushion your legs and reduce fatigue from the weight of your MacBook on your lap. In addition, a soft palm rest is attached on the top to make your work more comfortable.

Also included is an integrated slot that extends across the top to store a tablet or phone. However, you cannot use this slot if you have a larger MacBook as it will cover up this slot.

The Huanuo’s lap table can accommodate up to 15.6-inch laptops. If you need a little more space, storage pockets on the back can stash small items like charging cables or an AirPods case.

Get this on Amazon with prices starting at $39.99 depending on color.

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