8 Best Nintendo Lego Sets

Lego bricks have been around for over 70 years and are arguably the greatest toy of all time. Lego has expanded its footprint in pop culture from just interlocking plastic pieces to include movies, video games, and even theme parks. When something is so incredibly popular, you know other companies want to join in.

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One of these companies is Nintendo. Being the most popular video game company of all time, it seems that Lego and Nintendo have made a match made in heaven with some of the funniest and most nostalgic Super Mario sets in recent years. And while there are many great and creative ideas out there, some of them are just better built. Here is the best of the best!


8th Adventures with Mario/Luigi/Peach Starter CourseLego Peach and Mario stand in front of a blurred castle set

One of the most exciting things coming out of the Nintendo sets is the new Mario characters. While they’re taller and a bit blockier than the classic minifigure, each of the three characters has a computer within them that can interact with various objects in various Super Mario sets. Not only does this create a unique sound with each item, but it also changes the character’s eyes and chest.

If you want to get the Mario, Luigi, and Peach characters, you’ll need to purchase their respective starter courses. Not only do these come with the aforementioned figures, but also various items and characters for the trio to interact with, such as Yoshi, Baby Bowser, and Toad.

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7 Luigi’s Mansion Haunt and Seek

What’s cool about the different Super Mario sets is that they’re based on specific games. For example, you can compete against Reznor from Super Mario World and ride the roller coaster Big Urchin from Super Mario Sunshine. However, one of the funnest collections has to be the Luigi’s Mansion sets.

While there are a few different sets that make up the entire manor, the highlight is quite simply the Haunt-and-Seek set. Not only does it have King Boo and some ghosts, but you can also interact with different puzzle elements and fight King Boo! It’s a great detailed set that’s why Lego retired the Haunted Yard set.

6 Bowser’s Castle

Bowser is the main villain of the entire Super Mario series, so it only makes sense that many of the Lego sets are based on him. Too bad you don’t get access to one of his best sets: Bowser’s Castle.

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Bowser’s castle has a lot of great details, including lava pouring out of the castle, dry bones, and the big bad himself. The highlight, however, has to be the giant Bowser statue that stands behind him. Unfortunately this set was discontinued some time ago and the only way to find one is through various e-shops.

5 Bowser’s airship

Bowser’s Castle may be gone, but don’t worry about the King of the Koopas! He still has a home that can take him from place to place even when he’s not in the set itself. That’s right, you can build Bowser’s legendary airship!

Bowser’s Air Ship includes everything you remember from various Super Mario games including Kami Koopa, a Goomba with a captain’s hat and a cannon to reach the flying ship. Again, the best parts of this build are the details, particularly the wings on the mast and the Bowser face on the front of the ship. This is one of Lego’s coolest boats and definitely seaworthy. Sorry, I mean airworthy.

4 Peach’s Castle

’90s gamer kids everywhere probably remember the first time they approached Peach’s Castle in Mario 64. It was a real sense of wonder as nothing like this had ever been seen before. Now you can relive that wonder by building Peach’s Castle at home, and it’s wonderful.

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What sets Peach’s Castle apart from the other sets is how whimsical it is. Not only can you interact with Ludwig Von Koopa and Toadette, but there are adorable little touches like the painting for Bob-Omb Battlefield and a Goomba hiding in a cake. Unfortunately, this is now the only regular set with Bowser.

3 The Mighty Bowser

In The Mighty Bowser set, Bowser finally gets the respect he deserves. While this isn’t the tallest Bowser ever built from Legos, this set is still the tallest money can buy at around 32cm tall between two large flaming pillars. It can also move, so it can be posed in different ways.

But that’s not even the best part! Much like every other set previously mentioned on this list, all Super Mario characters can interact with and engage in epic battles with Bowser. This makes it even easier to recreate unforgettable Mario moments, which is what this whole collection is really about.

2 Nintendo Entertainment System

While many people will buy these sets for their children, many purchases are definitely driven by adults who just want to reminisce about their youth. And no set will be anywhere near as nostalgic as the Nintendo Entertainment System Set.

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Truly, the attention to detail on this set is stunning. The NES not only looks like an NES on the outside, but also on the inside with meticulously detailed circuit boards. There’s also a controller and Super Mario Bros. cartridge to insert into the system. But the real coup de grace that sets this build apart is the CR TV, which features a real Mario platformer running through part of World 1-1 on loop. You can really see the love and care that the builders put into this and it seems that kind of love continues with the new Lego Atari 2600.

1 Super Mario 64 question mark block

There are many things that can make a Lego set stand out from the crowd, such as creativity, interactivity, attention to detail and just plain fun. While every set on this list contains a combination of all of these, this final set is the only one that exemplifies all four. The best Nintendo-based Lego set by far is the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block.

Although it looks like a standard question block, pressing the top opens it to reveal four classic Mario 64 levels: Peach’s Castle, Bob-Omb Battlefield, Cool, Cool Mountain, and Lethal Lava Land. Each level is filled with tiny details including the penguin race, Mr. I, cannons and even Yoshi on top of Peach’s Castle. The Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block isn’t just Nintendo’s best Lego set. It’s by far one of the best Lego sets ever made.

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