9 Best Cooking Films To See After The Bear

Fans have “Yes, boss!” said. to FX’s grounded, nerve-wracking, napkin-wringing and heart-filling new series The bear. The series follows a talented young chef who sheds his pedigree as one of the finest in fine dining to take over his family’s Chicago sandwich shop.

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The show has so many flavors to offer the audience, each different but fulfilling as viewers pull along in the chaotic world known as the “Back of House”. However, The bear isn’t the only place in town telling a killer story about the practice of gastronomy. If the Original Beef of Chicagoland has fans hungry for more, here are the must-have dishes for a second course.

9 cook is Jon Favreau’s homage to what you love

Audiences may know Jon Favreau as the MCU’s godfather when he created their Signature Dish (aka 2008’s). iron man). However, for those who know him, he is one of the OGs of indie cinema, bringing an air of legitimacy to the story of a chef who has risen to great heights but feels limited by his success.

It’s also a perfect parallel to Carmy’s fight in The bear. Both are culinary talents who find it difficult to reflect their culinary skills on the people and the dishes they create.

8th Episode 7 Is One Take? How about a whole movie?

Episode seven of The bear features a gorgeous 20-minute single-take sequence that pushes the entire series and restaurant to the limit. But what if fans wanted to oversize this meal? Well, then there’s 2021 boiling point.

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Aptly titled as the film takes place in real time as the audience follows the chef, brilliantly played by (the often underrated) Stephen Graham, through a night at his restaurant. It’s a flavorful, hot dish that goes down in one big mouthful while leaving the audience wanting more.

7 Eat Drink Man Woman is heart-melting and mouth-watering

Food should be shared like love. Sitting down for a meal, be it from your colleagues as in The bear or a real family as in Ang Lee’s 1994 classic Eating, drinking, man, womanHere, life slows down long enough to have a tasty meal and a small bite of what’s going on in someone else’s life.

Eating, drinking, man, woman may win the award for best cooking montages of all time, but similar to the staff of The bear, It’s the complex and often intimate relationships that bring fans back as regular customers. Part rom-com, part family drama, it’s all about the love of food.

6 Tampopo is the perfect film bowl

One of the best parts of The bear observed pastry chef Marcus’ dedication to creating the perfect donut. 1985 Tampopo seeks the same platonic ideal in a boiling hot bowl of ramen.

The film is set up much like a dish itself, with its main plot being pasta and broth, but then has all these other toppings with added food vignettes. It combines genres like flavors into a divine sports/western/slapstick comedy fusion that fans will slurp down to the last drop.

5 Ratatouille Is Piet de la Resistance from Pixar

Everyone can cook! That is the thesis of 2007 Ratatouille and one of the main themes of The bear. Ratatouille is one of Pixar’s crown jewels. While it’s fun, funny, and likely to make viewers cry (which, in essence, all Pixar films are), it’s this theme of inclusion that resonates with foodie film fans.

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Everyone who loves food hopes to be able to create their own masterpiece, and Ratatouille shows the audience, much like the Original Beef staff, that all it takes is love and dedication to make great food.

4 Pig sniffs out humanity in a dark world

The bear can get pretty dark. But part of its brilliance is its ability to take us into the abyss and back to the light. That is also the magic of his similarly animal-titled culinary odyssey 2020 Pig.

Steady and considered, The film is like made by David Fincher Chef’s table. Showcasing an unusually restrained and stoic performance from Nicolas Cage, the film slowly reduces its story to a place of stark reduction, leaving a lingering taste of something sweet surrounded by sour.

3 Chocolat is the aphrodisiac of cooking films

The one thing The bear has almost nothing of romance (at least between people). On the other hand, the show has many other love affairs. (Chicago, street food, smoking, yelling, swearing). Where The bear is one at the end of the romantic spectrum, at the other end is 2000’s Chocolat.

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It’s the perfect dessert of this cinematic high as it combines all the visual glamor of cookery films with the sumptuous delight of a quiet anti-establishment rebellion, all in a small town in late 1950s France.

2 Juliet and Juliet Is the perfect pairing of ingredients

Much like a great dish, it’s the combination of compatible ingredients that takes an ordinary story to new heights. 2009’s Julie and Julia combines writer-director Nora Ephron, Amy Adams, Meryl Streep and a healthy pinch of Stanley Tucci to create a magical ensemble with irresistible charm.

The film follows Julie (Amy) as she cooks her way through Julia Childs’ (Meryl) famous cookbooks as they both empower themselves to become their own great chefs. The film lands on the wonderful truth that if you stay true to yourself, no one can take away your self-esteem.

1 Babette’s feast Is a Danish delight

Many of the films on this list showcase the power of changing a person’s heart through food, but none is as eloquent and masterful as 1985’s Babette’s feast. The film is rich and sophisticated like a good brandy, warming the viewer from head to toe.

Similar to the character of Tina taking her turn after trying Carmy’s food The bearBabette’s Feast participants feel renewed in their passion for life after seeing what cooking with true love can do for body and soul.

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