A Plague Tale Requiem: How to get secret ending & all endings explained

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There are two possible endings to A Plague Tale: Requiem, with a secret ending possibly hinting at a new carrier or maybe a new game. Here are all the endings of Plague Tale: Requiem explained.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is the highly anticipated sequel to Innocence and is currently almost double the length. So when players complete the game, the ending is all the more poignant, especially when it’s as heartbreaking as Requiem.

It goes without saying that this article will be filled with spoilers, so if you haven’t played the game yet, proceed with caution.

Despite this, the endings have raised a significant amount of questions and possible theories. We’ve explained the ending so you know exactly what happens during the finale of A Plague Tale: Requiem.


Does A Plague Tale: Requiem have multiple endings?

Yes, technically A Plague Tale: Requiem has multiple endings, but they don’t change the flow of the game as a whole all that much.

No matter what you do in the game, you will still reach the same point when you get to the final chapter. Only what you do changes how the next scene plays out.

The ending of A Plague Tale: Requiem Amicia explained

A Plague Tale Requiem Amicia at Hugo's graveFocus Entertainment / Asobo Studio

Amicia sets out to continue her role as protector while promising Hugo that she will never forget him.

This is the most likely ending most players will see. It comes as Hugo tells Amicia that she must kill him to stop the macula and ever-growing rat infestation plaguing her home.

You’ll find that Amicia is forced to stand in front of Hugo’s macula-filled body as he succumbs to his illness. Killing Hugo with Amicia’s slingshot will result in Amicia’s demise.

A year later, after Hugo is killed, a cutscene begins with Amicia walking through the forest with Sophia, now with her head almost shaved.

The two have several conversations, in which Sophia expresses that she is acting more legally now and asks if Lucas will accompany Amicia on her trip.

Amicia quickly explains that Lucas is studying to be an alchemist and appears to be safe and well.

The two explain that Amicia is on her way to find the next bearer and protector to ensure such events never happen again.

Just before she leaves, Amicia goes to Hugo’s grave and bids one final goodbye, vowing never to forget him and his sacrifice.

This ending will likely mean that Amicia is ready to face a similar situation as we’ve seen in previous titles. This may not be the last time we see amicia, or the macula.

A Plague Tale: Requiem Lucas ending explained

A plague story Lucas shoots HugoFocus Entertainment / Asobo Studio

Wait long enough and Lucas will end Hugo’s suffering himself.

The Lucas ending for A Plague Tale: Requiem can be achieved by not shooting Hugo with Amicia’s slingshot. If you wait enough time, Lucas will draw the crossbow and kill Hugo for her, prompting a less than positive reaction from Amicia.

The final cutscene starts and plays out the same way. The only change will be when Sophia asks about Lucas.

Amicia quickly says that Lucas “won’t come…it’s…I can still see him…do it,” prompting Sophia to tell her that hopefully it will pass.

It seems that if you have Lucas Hugo killed, the two will fall out and not see each other for a long time.

How to get the secret ending in A Plague Tale: Requiem

To get the secret ending in A Plague Tale: Requiem you simply have to wait until the end of the credits. Be patient and watch both credits.

Once you do this, the secret cutscene will be revealed. What happens in the secret ending is explained below.

A Plague Tale: Requiem The Secret Ending Explained

Explained the secret ending to a plague requiemFocus Entertainment / Asobo Studio

A new bearer could portend a new title or character for Amicia to protect.

The two cutscenes come after a mini version of the credits, so once they end, it’s easy to assume the game is over. However, after the final credits of A Plague Tale: Requiem, there is a secret ending.

This ending involves what appears to be a little baby in a hospital. On the child’s exposed arm, however, we clearly see the dreaded little black veins that point to the dreaded macula.

The secret ending proves that this story isn’t over yet and that the macula is coming back. The hospital scene sounds quite modern and perhaps indicative of a different time period.

These are all available endings for A Plague Tale: Requiem explained so you know exactly what happened in this sad tale. As you check out the credits awaiting this secret ending, take a look at some of our other Plague Tale guides:

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