Activities of 12th edition of Qatar National Sport Day kick off

Activities of the 12th edition of Qatar National Sport Day began across the country, an annual tradition and an unprecedented initiative by Qatar that aims to raise awareness of the importance of sport and its role in the life of society, making it an essential one part of the everyday life of individuals. 130 events will be held across the country in parks and sports facilities such as Doha Corniche, Aspire, The Pearl, Qatar Foundation, Lusail, Al Shamal, Al Sheehaniya, Al Wakra and in all parts of the country. More than 100 establishments are involved this year in the organization of sporting events, making them accessible to everyone from the early hours of the morning. Every year all state institutions are interested in participating in this sporting event and turning Qatar into a big stadium where tens of thousands of citizens and residents from all walks of life practice various sports that are popular with all Qatari people of all ages, citizens and residents participating in it are interested in enjoying an outstanding sports day in all regions of the country. All athletic activities of the 12th edition of Sports Day this year will be themed “The Choice is Yours” to express the importance of awarding a sports day to the state. Sport is no longer just entertainment, it is a strategic choice for the state, as evidenced by the hosting of major sporting events and the prestigious status of the State of Qatar. The slogan also embodies the adoption of a healthy lifestyle to improve the mental and physical health of individuals and to prevent many chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease, while organizing activities aimed at the elderly. Qatar Sport Day played a key role in raising awareness of the importance of sport in the lives of individuals and society. Since the first edition of Sports Day, there has been increased awareness of the importance of sport in Qatari society, a matter that contributes to the realization of the Qatar Vision 2030 through the development of the human element, which the State of Qatar has been investing in for many years. The State of Qatar has an infrastructure that encourages the practice of sports activities with the availability of pedestrian and cycle paths totaling 2,643 km, more than 100 sports facilities in the country and a number of parks, facilities and beaches. Organization of the National Sports Day in the State of Qatar each year aims to uphold the importance of sport, its moral and human values ​​and health benefits, educate citizens and residents on the importance of sport in daily life and encourage them to practice it during of the entire life year.Qatar marked the first National Sports Day in February 2012 following the issuance of Amiri Decision No. 80 of 2011 dedicated to the Tuesday of the second week of February every year as Sports Day for the country on which ministries, government agencies and other public bodies and institutions organize sporting events involving employees and their families to raise awareness of the importance of sport and its role in the lives of individuals and societies.

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