Adam Scott Says ‘The Best Part’ Of The 14 ‘Severance’ Emmy Nominations Is Seeing His Cast & Crew Recognized

Yes, Adam Scott is this year’s Emmy nominee in the coveted Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category for his riveting performance as Mark in the thought-provoking thriller severance pay on Apple TV+, but the actor-producer seems much more interested in standing behind his cast and crew, who are recognized by Television Academy for their combined 14 Emmy nominations.

“The best part is everyone is recognized for their incredible work,” Scott tells me over Zoom. “Ben [Stiller] and then [Erickson] and Christopher Walken and John [Turturro] and Patricia [Arquette]. Jeremy too [Hindle], our production designer. Teddy Shapiro who composed the show – it’s amazing. You’re great, but you always hope that everyone is recognized and I would imagine that will be the case in the future because everyone on the show has done such a great job.”

With a second season of severance pay Previously announced and currently in pre-production, this series actually has a very real future ahead, which is about a group of employees at a company called Lumon who are voluntarily implanted with a chip in their brains, completely severing their memories during their time in office and their life outside these walls. Scott recalls not knowing how audiences would initially react severance pay when it premiered on Apple TV+ in February.

Speaking of Apple TV+, Scott says, “They’ve been amazing with us and the show. They fucking advertised it, which was really nice because it’s a weird show. It’s a big swing and you don’t know how people are going to take it and react – with a bizarre premise and with these weird characters and all. It was a risky venture.”

With 14 Emmy nominations for its first season and a current average viewership of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, take the risk severance pay seems to be paying off. When I first spoke to Scott last January severance pay premiered, he told me when discussing his character Mark, “It’s really the kind of role I’ve been waiting my entire career for.”

Now this year, Scott is a season back and two Emmy nominees for his performances in front of the camera severance pay and secondly for his producing work with his Outstanding Drama Series nomination, I wondered how his experiences continue severance pay may have changed the way he accepts and considers new projects.

“I think as far as acting goes, I’ve really learned a valuable lesson about it and kicked a bad habit I’ve developed over the years of keeping tabs on myself and editing my way. I think part of it is that you start protecting yourself from what you want to do and it partly has to do with you’ve been doing it for a while now and you’ve been working on a lot of things. It’s almost as if you have a little director in your head who sort of assesses and criticizes as you go. And for that I decided and tried to get rid of those kinds of internal gauges as much as possible and just dive in head first and leave everything else to that [directors] ben [Stiller] and Aoifa [McArdle] and our editors and that’s really what I was doing, which was new to me, and really being dependent on others that you love and trust is a really smart move.”

Along with Scott’s other Lead Drama nominees, including Jason Bateman, Brian Cox, Lee Jung-jae, Bob Odenkirk, and Jeremy Strong, I asked Scott if he had any professional or playful “trash talk” words for these gentlemen in won his category before the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 12th.

“No, I’m honestly so flattered to just be in a sentence with them, let alone a category,” reveals Scott. “It’s absurd – I’m such a huge fan of all of them and have seen all of their work many times on these shows. These are all shows that I watch over and over again, and a big part of that is their performances.”

Looking ahead to the future of television and streaming video in Hollywood, I wondered what Scott thought about the content coming out of the entertainment industry today and if he was optimistic about what’s to come for on-screen storytelling.

“I think right now is obviously such an exciting time for television — so much stuff. Yesterday I was driving through Los Angeles and I saw a billboard for a new Steve Carell/Domhnall Gleeson show that I had never heard of but it’s going to be on in a few weeks and I’m just so excited. There was Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow The old man. A league of its own is so great. There’s so much great stuff going on right now so I’m beyond optimistic – excited to see what’s happening now and what it means for the future.”

Well, for Scott, that future will include the much-anticipated second season of severance pay on AppleTV+ and another opportunity for more of Scott’s on-screen and off-screen peers to be recognized for their work on the series. As we began to wrap up our conversation, I asked Scott if he might be able to hear when production begins for season two and if he might have any clues as to what to expect for his character, Mark, ahead of him in Lumon. Scott immediately jokes with me that if he started giving any hints, a tranquilizer dart would fly in from the off of our Zoom video call and hit him on the side of the neck. He briefly hints: “We’ll be getting started soon and can’t wait. Can’t wait to see everyone again and dive back in. It’s gonna be a great time. I couldn’t be more excited to return to the show.”

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