Adults need to be role models even if they don’t agree with referees

Adults should continue to be good role models for children, even if they disagree with the referee's reputation or feel that their child did not get the points they deserved.

ASK: Any reminders for adults who are having a hard time being a good athlete during their kids’ baseball or soccer games? These games are in full swing in some cities and adults can lose sight of how to behave. Should they sign a promise to behave while watching the children play?

CALLIE’S ANSWER: How embarrassing, really. A deposit sent with every program might help, but if someone loses their stuff, a deposit probably won’t help. Maybe someone needs to talk to the crazy parent. Much luck!

LILLLIE-BETH’S ANSWER: Apparently from your question this is still a regular problem. If you’re the coach, you can include that reminder—and a promise—at a parent meeting early in the season and spell out the types of behavior you’ve seen that will not be tolerated and what happens when they break it. A sports league can do that too. As an uninvolved parent whose child is playing, I’m not sure what you can do for parents who don’t understand this. There is no excuse for parents to be so competitive or so involved in games that they yell or verbally abuse referees or players, including their own children. I’m sorry.

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