After Arsenal’s shocking defeat to Sporting – we have no excuses not to win the title

Shocked Arsenal out of the Europa League by Konstantin Mitov Well dear Arsenal people, it was an absolutely shocking performance. I’m sorry but it’s not good enough. Be honest with yourself, we don’t deserve it. The first half wasn’t great, but the second was even worse. We built a strong squad but the way we played was absolutely shocking. In hindsight it’s easy to blame the changes, but in the end we pulled out all the big guns and still didn’t win. I’m just wondering could we have gone strong with literally just one more game before an international break? Something is wrong with us and the European competitions. Our EL exits under Arteta share a very worrying trend. Olympiakos at home – shocking, Villarreal – shocking and Sporting now – shocking. teams we are better. The expressions on the players’ faces and our walking pace betrayed the feeling from minute 1 that we won’t win the game. That goal we conceded was horrific. I’m sorry, if you concede a goal from the halfway line, something is wrong. So many players had strayed from it today. Ramsdale – poor, should have been positioned better and could have saved some penalties too. Our passing was everywhere. Ben White and Zinchenko – sloppy all night, Jorginho – poor – easily pass the ball on their goal. Then Martinelli was terrible, bad passing, bad dribbling, bad penalty… Fabio Vieira – anonymous. Sometimes I criticize Odegaard for holding the ball too much, but it was only when he came on that we had some control of the ball. Trossard—poor. Had a great chance to give us the lead in ET. Reiss was poor. I understand the chance he was given for his heroics against Bournemouth but he has since gone back to his average self. Only Holding after the substitution had a reasonably decent game. I can’t lie, I’m massively disappointed. Given our record in Europe, we should not discount such competition. City get a lot of smacks for not winning the Champions League but even when they go out I never see them play like they don’t care what we did. They were dodgy in the first game but beat their opponents 7-0 at home. We really should have beaten Sporting. I mean we’re moving on now, there’s not much more to do, but our recent gigs have been a mixed bag. There are now 11 league games left and the math is pretty simple – we need to win 10 of them. It never happens when we play like this. I still think Man City will win. They were ‘not the same’ and so on but they’re still only 5 points behind, we have an away day against them where we haven’t beaten them in the league for years. If we don’t win the league, we’ll pay the price for disregarding all cup competitions. I would have liked to have won the European, the Carabao or the FA Cup. There are no excuses, no distractions. We have to win the championship title. If we don’t do that, it’s a failure of a season. I don’t care what the goal was at the beginning of the season. We’re good enough to win a trophy this year and we should. constantine

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