AGT: All Stars viewers make same complaint about latest episode – here’s why

America’s Got Talent: All Stars continued on Monday night with an episode starring judges Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell And Howie Mandel Check the participants’ travel ahead of next week’s finals.

While many viewers happily reflected on the series’ performances, others couldn’t help but be a little disappointed that the new episode was a “summary.”

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On Twitter, one person wrote: “Looks like this episode of #AGTAAllStars is skippable‘ while another added: ‘Preview of finals? I didn’t just rush home for a preview of the final.”

A third viewer tweeted: “This was truly the last preview ever. Even if it was a glorified clip show I had a hard time tweeting about it for two hours,” while another wrote: “Oh boo, that’s not new, I hate flashbacks meh well see you next week then #AGTAAllStars.”

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However, not all fans were unhappy with Monday’s episode and also took to social media to praise the show. One person wrote: “Loved #AGTAAllStars, it was fun Can’t wait to see who wins next week,” while another wrote, “Loved the return of these acts from previous seasons of AGT as well as the acts from around the world.”

Fans praised Kodi Lee’s stunning performance

It looks like fans of the talent program have already picked their winner for this year’s series, as many reacted to an epic performance from Kodi Lee – who was voted straight into the finals by show superfans.

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Host Terry Crews shared a clip from Monday’s episode of Kodi showing a beautiful rendition of Calum Scott’s Biblical.

Responding to the performance, Simon – who was booed last week for his criticism of Eric Chien – said: “Kodi, you’re one of those artists that will always be awesome. Their performances will always be mesmerizing. They define what an All-Star is.”

Kodi is blind and has autism

Viewers rushed to the comments section to praise the piano-playing singer, who is blind and autistic.

One person wrote: “He was amazing. He’s right up there with Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, he’s that good. #AGTAAllStars,” while another added, “Anyway, Kodi Lee will win #AGTAAllStars next week.”

A third person commented, “I could listen to him sing all day.”

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