Allstate Mayhem basketball commercial: Inside the ‘Overly Competitive Brother’ ad for March Madness

Chaos is everywhere judging by Allstate commercials.

It’s meant to find you, so don’t try to run from it.

Progressive’s Flo can’t help but think of State Farm’s Jake as your knight in not-so-shiny khakis.

There is only one remedy. all states

Now, Mayhem has infiltrated March Madness, which is a nice change from last year’s Allstate “Let’s Make Big Money” ad. This year’s campaign takes us back to the good old days, back to the driveway where shooting baskets in front of the garage leads to absolute destruction.

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The ad ends in a predictable way – the hoop being yanked off the siding after a dunk attempt. Let’s face it – playing basketball in the driveway always resulted in something getting damaged. Solar lights, plants, cars, etc. – were always in danger. However, Allstate says the company can protect you from these problems if only it said so 15 years ago. After all, sometimes these basketballs have a mind of their own.

At least those days of streetball made us all better off. Think of all the people who scream “AND ONE” because of moments like this and can deal with them in court through contact.

If there’s one thing that can knock Mayhem out of the park, it’s that being competitive can consume a person completely. When he checked the ball – firing it at his brother’s legs – that will resonate with many viewers.

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For more information on Allstate and who these people in the ad are, see The Sporting News for all things Chaos.

Watch the Allstate March Madness commercial

Who is the Allstate Mayhem Actor?

The face everyone associates with Allstate’s Mayhem is actor Dean Winters. The New York native is credited with starring in the HBO series Oz, as well as other TV series such as 30 Rock and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Winters was famously recovering from a cardiac arrest in 2009, in which his heart stopped for more than two and a half minutes before being revived by paramedics. Doctors had to amputate two toes and half a thumb. Winters had 10 surgeries within the first year he was dealing with the bacterial infection that later developed into gangrene.

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Who is Mayhem’s brother?

Winters has a brother, Scott William Winters – who stars alongside him in the ad. The two starred side by side in “Oz,” who were also portrayed as brothers on the show. So technologically there are no weird things, the Winters brothers actually exist.

How long has Mayhem been with Allstate?

Winters has been with Allstate since 2010 in the role of Mayhem. The character was created by advertising agency Leo Burnett Worldwide.

Since then, both Winters and Allstate seem to have been in good hands.

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