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Amritpal Singh, the ‘fugitive’ pro-Khalistan preacher and chief of the ‘Waris Punjab De’ sought to form his own army – the Anandpur Khalsa Force (AKF) – modeled on the Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF) and a human bomb squad .

Amritpal Singh, founder of ‘Waris Punjab De’ prays with his collaborator Lovepreet Toofan at the Golden Temple after he was released from Amritsar Central Prison in Amritsar on February 24 (PTI).

Amritpal has been at large since Punjab police cracked down on Saturday and arrested 78 members of his force.

Raid on Amritpal Singh, Waris Punjab De: Top Points

1. Security agencies had raised the alarm after intelligence information suggested Amritpal Singh was using drug cessation centers and a gurdwara to stockpile weapons and prepare youth to carry out suicide bombings, PTI news agency officials said.

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2. Information from various security agencies suggests that Amritpal, who allegedly returned from Dubai last year at the behest of Pakistan’s ISI and Khalistan sympathizers living abroad, was mainly involved in brainwashing youths to “Khadkoos” or to become human bombs.

3. During the ongoing investigation, several weapons and ammunition intended for the so-called AKF were seized, PTI reported. The police also confiscated uniforms and jackets.

4. The weapons and ammunition confiscated from the radical Sikh preacher’s car were marked “AKF”.

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5. Weapons are suspected to have been stored illegally in several ‘Waris Panjab De’ detox centers and a gurdwara in Amritsar.

6. The youth admitted to the detox centers were reportedly indoctrinated earlier and pushed towards the “gun culture”.

7. The youths were brainwashed to choose the path of slain terrorist Dilawar Singh who acted as a human bomb killing former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh.

8. The revelation is striking in the context that Amritpal recently threatened Union Home Secretary Amit Shah that he will suffer the same fate as former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi if he tries to stop the Khalistan movement.

9. Amritpal used to attend “Shaheedi Samagam” (commemorations) for slain terrorists, where he referred to them as so-called “martyrs of the Panth” and glorified the use of weapons.

10. “Amritpal Singh, a non-resident Indian who worked as a truck driver in Dubai, is an ISI agent who came into contact with the Pakistani espionage agency while living in the United Arab Emirates. He was told to motivate naïve young Sikhs in the name of religion. There was an understanding that the ISI will spend money, and by getting the Sikhs behind it on behalf of Khalistan, it would have a say in Punjab,” said a key intelligence officer, who asked not to be named.

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