An Open Letter to U of G Students: Respecting Our Community During Homecoming

Dear U of G students,

Homecoming this weekend is an opportunity for all of us to show our pride at the University of Guelph.

When you joined U of G, you became part of a larger community both on and off campus. This weekend, please remember that your actions affect those around you. Be respectful of your neighbors and be aware that large parties can create unsafe environments. Take care of yourself and each other.

Throughout homecoming, campus security officers will be closely monitoring the campus and Guelph City Police will be patrolling the neighborhood to address large gatherings and ensure the safety of our students and our community.

Many college towns across Ontario are experiencing large, unauthorized gatherings, disrupting those living nearby. The University of Guelph does not condone these gatherings and does not condone unsafe or disrespectful behavior. When celebrating homecoming, be safe and watch out for your neighbors.

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Celebrate for sure

Homecoming is a time for being with friends and for the U of G community to come together and have fun in a responsible way. We strongly encourage students to use the following safety tools to enjoy a fun and respectful weekend:

  • Party Registration – Sign up for a personal consultation on hosting a safe event. Register basic information about your party and get advice on articles of association, how to prevent parties from getting out of hand, what to do if this happens, how to avoid fines and how to communicate with law enforcement.
  • Safe Gryphon App – This app offers a personal safety toolkit including Friend Walk, which allows you to share your real-time location with a friend while walking to your destination.
  • Late Night Bus – The Central Student Association and the City of Guelph have teamed up to offer a late night bus service between 1am and 3am. Get picked up at University Center or Guelph Central Station and hop off at any of the available routes. Your bus ticket is linked to your Campus Card.
    If you choose other ridesharing services such as Uber or Lyft, make sure the license plate matches your booking and have the driver confirm your name before boarding the vehicle.
  • Safe Party Session – Stop by Peter Clark Hall on Thursday for a free party kit complete with snacks and resources. Learn how to protect yourself and others while partying. Visit the wellness_uofg account on Instagram for more advice.
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As a reminder, campus residencies have a no-guest policy this weekend. Access to the residential building is only permitted to residents of the building.

Students should also be aware of the university’s policy on non-academic misconduct and its application to on- and off-campus incidents.

I encourage you to remember your Gryphon values ​​this weekend and celebrate responsibly.

Irene Thompson
Acting Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs)

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