Andrew Miller: The more we learn about concussion, the more contact sport must change

Jack Johnson and I are probably of the same species, but the Venn diagram of our skills only overlaps in “sleeping and making banana pancakes.”

Statistics show that a tanned runaway like Jack can find fame as a polyglot singer-songwriter while still reaching the finals of the Hawaiian Pipeline Masters surfing competition—at the age of seventeen.

Some might feel he is a bit greedy but good to him; He is by all reports a really good guy to top it off. Jealous? Me? Do not make a fool of yourself.

The ease with which some can catch a sonic ball or gently make a guitar weep is beautiful to grasp; up there with a multicultural duo of people listening to their jargon.

Tall athletes don’t even seem to be concentrating on what they’re doing – looking mid-distance while extending their arm almost too late to make a one-handed mark.

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