Anglers finding perch and panfish

BIG RAPIDS – The campaign in mid-August has so far been favorable for the region’s fishermen.

In Osceola County, “we have people outside,” said Brad Cox of Buck’s Country Bait Store in LeRoy. “The water seems to be cooling off a little and making the fish a little more active. They got quite a lot of panfish at Rose Lake, Sunrise Lake, and Nichols and Wells lakes, pretty much everywhere.”

In Mecosta County, “They found some bass in the morning. It’s slow going,” said Tanner Havens of Frank’s Sporting Goods in Morley. “They manage to find a few. Where they get the perch they seem to find a few bluegills and specs as well. Pike is fine everywhere. It looks like they mostly pick them up on nerd minnows.

“We’re still waiting for the salmon to get going in the north. It’s still in the early stages.”

In Frankfurt, Chinook catches caught just off shore in 160 to 200 feet of water and dragged down 60 to 80, the DNR said. The best action takes place at first light and dusk on green spoons and flies, the DNR said.

Platte Bay anglers have reported good numbers of lake trout from trolling and jigging close to the seabed.

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