Annika Sorenstam on her best advice for parents of junior golfers

Annika Sorenstam is not only one of the greatest golfers of all time – she is also a mother. Here’s her top advice for young golf parents.

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Annika Sorenstam may no longer play a full tournament schedule, but that doesn’t mean she’s out of the spotlight. Their schedule now includes some senior events, celebrity Pro-Ams and of course the PNC Championship.

Sorenstam recently joined her son, Will McGee, in the annual parent-child competition. And even though she’s won 72 events and 10 majors, it’s hard to see a bigger smile on Sorenstam’s face than when she walked down the fairways with Will.

“Walking the fairway and holding hands at the 18, that’s just summed up the whole week,” said Sorenstam. “He’s been smiling from ear to ear all week.”

Sörenstam’s joy this week was only surpassed by Will. As Sorenstam explained, Will made sure they got to the course three hours early each day so he could explore and meet with Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas.

“For me as a parent, it really warms my heart to see him in an environment that he loves so much,” she said.

Sorenstam is obviously doing all the right things when it comes to introducing her son to golf, and there’s little doubt that Will’s love of the game continues to grow. But what’s the secret to being a great junior golf parent? It’s about having fun.

“I think the key to everything I’m obviously learning as a golfer’s parent is to enjoy playing a lot with your buddies,” she said. “Just go out and experiment. He likes to go out and has small challenges. He likes to hit little trick shots. But I just want him to have a good time. So I think that’s the key. Let him run around and explore and learn a little, and then when you get the chance, give him some more serious rules or etiquette information. But other than that, just let him enjoy it.”

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It’s all about the fun. If you manage to keep your youngsters entertained, chances are they will fall in love with the game for life.

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