Aqib Talib’s brother, Yaqub, arrested after fatal shooting: Latest news, updates in death of Texas youth football coach

Former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib’s brother Yaqub Talib has been charged with the murder in the shooting death of 43-year-old Texas youth football coach Mike Hickmon.

According to a Lancaster, Texas police press release, Yaqub Talib, 39, shot and killed Hickmon just before 9 p.m. local time on Saturday. Aqib and Yaqub Talib were reportedly coaches of the North Dallas United Bobcats youth team; Hickmon was a trainer for the DEA Dragons.

Aqib Talib was also present at the shooting, with eyewitnesses claiming he started a fight after crossing the field to confront referees. Video footage also shows Aqib Talib present in the moments leading up to Hickmon’s shooting.

Hickmon played college football in North Texas from 1998 to 2002, where he rushed for 718 yards and five touchdowns as a career running back.

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The Sporting News follows the latest news and updates related to the death:

Yaqub Talib Shooting News, Updates

Tuesday 16 August

According to a Tuesday report by Dallas television station WFAA, Aqib Talib instigated a brawl that ultimately resulted in Hickmon’s shooting. Per Coach Heath Mays of the DEA Dragons:

“He (Aqib Talib) ran across the field and ran past our touchline and hit the referee in the face. He took the first punch and you see Mike (Hickmon) trying to defend himself,” Mays said.

Video obtained by the WFAA shows a man believed to be Aqib Talib, wearing a cap and white shoes, engaged with Hickmon shortly before he was shot. WFAA’s video cuts short before the shooting, but shows Yaqub Talib pulling out his gun and pointing it in Hickmon’s direction.

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Aqib Talib has not been charged in connection with Hickmon’s death. His attorney, Frank Perez, issued a statement confirming that he was “present at this unfortunate incident and is deeply distressed and devastated by this horrific loss of life.”

“He would like to offer his condolences to the family of the victim and to everyone who witnessed this unfortunate tragedy.”

Audio from another, separate video obtained by TMZ (via Dallas television network KDFW) indicates Yaqub Talib fired his firearm five times.

Monday 15 August

Yaqub Talib turned himself in to authorities Monday, his attorney Clark Birdsall confirmed to the Associated Press. He also confirmed that Talib would attend a bail hearing later Monday afternoon and that his client had not yet filed a plea for a murder charge.

“Mr. Talib regrets the tragic loss of life but surrendered to the law this morning so his side of the story can be told,” Birsdall told People.

Birdsall, who has reportedly represented the Talib brothers for several years, spoke separately to KDFW and said he wanted his client’s story told as there were multiple witnesses to the shooting.

“I think there will be chaos. 50 people will see 50 different things. I spoke to him and I know what he saw,” Birdsall told KDFW. “There will be some undertones of defense. That’s why Talib now wanted to give up and publish his story.

“He knows he will be in prison.”

An inmate search at the Dallas County Jail reveals that Talib faces two charges: one of murder and one of violating his probation (assault assault). Inmate records show bail was set at $1,000 for probation violation; No bail was set for the murder charge.

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KDFW reports that Yaqub Talib has also been charged or prosecuted for several counts including unlawful possession of a firearm; Attack; child endangerment; and drug possession.

Saturday August 13th

According to a Lancaster (Texas) Police Department news release, officers arrived at the scene of Lancaster Community Park — where several youth soccer fields are located — over a “disagreement between the coaching staff and the acting crew.”

“During the disagreement, the opposing coaching staff engaged in a physical altercation and one of those involved in the altercation fired a firearm, which struck an adult male,” the press release said. “The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment, where she was later pronounced dead.

The Lancaster press release claimed Yaqub Talib fled the scene and issued an arrest warrant for him.

“Officials have identified the suspect involved in this offense as a black man, Yaqub Salik Talib, and there is an active warrant out for his arrest.”

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