As Brie Larson Gets Lanced for Alleged On-Set Behavior, Disney Warning off Franchises May Cause a Chasm in the MCU Fandom

Captain Marvel

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The Wonder Rumor mills have dropped their latest shady bombshells, this time positioning Brie Larson as a key factor in why one of the Multiverse saga’s hottest upcoming sequels was hit with a six-month delay. And as you might expect, the fandom’s reaction to this is completely calm and non-combative. Elsewhere, official Disney comments about the future shape of the MCU are causing uproar and celebration in equal measure.

Brie Larson is accused of ruin The wonders with diva demeanor, sends her defenders and detractors into battle

Captain Miracle
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It’s a fact that Disney has delayed The wonders from its original summer release slot to this November, but now more inflammatory information is claiming the reason why. New rumors have it that Brie Larson clashed with co-star Teyonah Parris on set and fumed at Disney for removing her character’s name from the title, with the film itself being colorfully described as a “sh*t show” by obvious sources became. As trolls react happily to the reports, Larson’s loyal supporters predictably hit back at the dubious claims.

Disney’s statement that not every Marvel film will become a franchise from now on brings tears of both sadness and relief to us

Thor love and thunder
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You know franchise fatigue is real when even Disney CEO Bob Iger is musing aloud about whether the MCU needs to downsize. That’s right, the big cheese of the mouse house has admitted that he now feels that not every Marvel franchise needs a sequel or three, with the game’s name going forward being to introduce new characters to the universe. So don’t expect every film series to get a trilogy in the future. While that might be bad news for some, honestly others are quite relieved by this promise given the status of recent less popular follow-ups like Thor: Love and Thunder And ant man 3.

daredevil Shifting the shoot to a loaded location suggests Matt Murdock isn’t the only defender on the verge of rebirth

Images via Netflix Studios / Remix by Keane Eacobellis

Daredevil: Reborn Filming only started this week, but we already got word that Jon Bernthal will be back as the Punisher. Additionally, the confirmation that the series will be moving filming to Harlem very soon has only convinced fandom that another Defenders saga favorite might be dropping by as well. Here’s a clue: They dole out a name with the guy Face/Off. And with Krysten Ritter rumored to be back as Jessica Jones, it looks like pretty much all Defenders could make a return. Though perhaps not holding out too much hope for Iron Fist…

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Speech by a Silver Surfer TV series action is still up in the air, but rest assured that more of the latest Marvel news is coming your way soon.


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