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CONCORD, NC — Leaders at Concord’s Barber-Scotia College addressed a news conference Saturday morning and offered insight into the school’s future.

Board Chair Roberta Pinckney and Interim President Tracey Flemmings discussed the school’s latest issues and accused City of Concord and Cabarrus County officials of using those issues to target the campus for redevelopment.

“We are committed to building the walls of Barber-Scotia College,” Pinckney said. “We remain willing to work with city and county officials, we are simply asking them to give us sufficient time to make repairs, restore our tax-exempt status and forgive our debt as a good faith show,” Flemmings said.

President Flemmings said last October the board of trustees had approved a five-year strategic plan to make the school stable and sustainable again.

“We are in active discussions with potential donors and partners and are confident that the college will turn around in the next two years,” said Flemmings.


Officials said the college currently has four students online who are being taught by pro bono professors. But they say city and county officials appear to be plotting the school’s demise.

Last week, Concord disbanded the task force formed to revitalize the school.

“The college learned of the dissolution of the task force from the media,” Flemmings said.

Earlier this month, the Cabarrus County tax inspector denied tax-exempt status for much of the campus, which includes derelict buildings that city inspectors have determined are unsafe.

“Unfortunately, we have not yet received approval for all buildings to allow students on campus. It’s fair to say that some code requests were considered suspicious,” Flemmings said.

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Flemmings and Pinckney say they still have a lot of passion for the school and are committed to maintaining it.

“The college respectfully asks the city to step back and allow this new administration to carry out its plan,” Flemmings said.

Pickney said the leadership plans to continue the school’s legacy.

“The new leadership, board of trustees, alumni, friends and supporters are committed to ensuring that Scotia will continue its legacy of teaching, educating and educating the next generation of students,” Pickney said.

The school has appealed the rejection of the tax exemption. The matter is scheduled for hearing.

(WATCH BELOW: Tax exemption could be pulled by Barber-Scotia College, Channel 9 learns)

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