Best and worst 2023 Super Bowl commercials: Ranking the ads | Breaking Bad, Caddyshack and more

Super Bowl commercials seem to be on the mend in recent years. We’ve had ones way too serious, too long, safe, and boring to remind you of things you don’t need help with, etc. But nothing beats a great Super Bowl commercial, and the 2023 commercials might be the best group still.

Jump into the comments below to talk about your favorite, hated most, or where Jake got completely wrong.

  • A note on the rules: We skipped most of the same old (not funny) car commercials, banking deals and whatnot… oh, and an important note: movie trailers don’t count. Sorry but that’s a different category and we can’t go there because they would dominate the ranking.

The best Super Bowl commercials of 2023

Note: Leaderboards will be updated during the Super Bowl when the commercials air.

1. Michelob ULTRA: New Members Day

Nostaglia comedy based on a real comedy with accurate quotes, outfits and more. Pretty well done.

2. Pepsi Zero Sugar: Great acting or great taste

Ben Stiller

Pretty amusing, and sorry Steven Martin (his is in an Honorable Mention below), but that’s the funnier version, especially with Zoolander (yep, another nostalgia trip).

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3. Pop Corners: Breaking Bad

Nostalgia trip – pun intended – but where Dr. EV-il was nostalgia in comedy, so is humor in one of the darkest shows of all time. Sure, it’s fun to see them back together, but no more so than the superior Better Call Saul. And if you were one of the few people who never saw Breaking Bad, all jokes are lost.

4. Dunkin Donuts: Ben Affleck

I laughed, especially when Jennifer Lopez pulled up.

5. T-Mobile: Bradley Cooper’s mother

I laughed out loud when she said, “But you never won,” and I feel your pain, Bradley.

6. Paramount: Stallone face

Sylvester Stallone is funnier than many realize and this commercial was amusing. Oh, and Tulsa is a great show.

7. Rakuten: Clueless

I think with TV and movies restarting and everything heating up nonstop, commercials might as well up the ante.

8. E*Trade: Baby Wedding

There’s still a bit of Uncanny Valley going on.


Michelob ULTRA: Full of swing gossip

A funny third-person jab voiced by professional golfers promoting beer and a new golf show on Netflix.

Pepsi Zero Sugar: Great acting or great taste

Again more…

Steve Martin

Giggle worthy, but Stiller’s was better.

teaser 1

Thought it was funnier than Martin’s solo spot.

teaser 2

Difficult decision because this one made me laugh a few times and it’s a tie between this and Stiller’s solo version.


Avocados from Mexico: Make it better

Avocados saved humanity? And nudity? And everyone but officers and cab drivers is fit and sexy? I also still don’t understand that avocados need to be advertised.

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