Best Apex Legends Settings

We’ll walk you through the best settings for Apex Legends Season 14.

Apex Legends can be a demanding game, not every PC can output 200 FPS right away. Most players need to optimize the game. Using the best Apex Legends settings in season 14 is one of the easiest ways to get a boost. Using the best Apex settings will help you get better frame rate and overall performance.

The best professional Apex players use high-end PCs. Not every player will be able to keep up. However, there is no reason why you should downgrade. You may not get the prettiest graphics. However, with a few tweaks, you can prioritize frame rate and competitive metrics over overall graphical fidelity, even on lower-end PCs.

This guide covers the best Apex Legends settings in Season 14. These are some general changes you can make to prioritize frame rate and make the game run better on any PC.

Best Apex Legends Settings in Season 14

The best Apex settings generally try to make the game easier. For most people, that means making it less visually demanding, with a higher framerate for more responsive in-game movement and input. We will break them down by category. Video settings are the most important to get decent performance. However, Apex sensitivity and gameplay settings can also play a role. Even audio can be improved.

We’ll start with the biggest changes you can make and move on to the minor changes to make Apex Legends perform better.

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The best Apex Legends settings – graphics settings

Best Apex Legends settings

Graphics settings, in many cases, deal with how good the game looks. Shadows, model quality and more. If you’re working on a more average PC, lower final settings here will make it easier to achieve a higher and more consistent frame rate. High-end PCs can go higher without sacrificing quality.

These are some suggestions for the best Apex Legends Season 14 settings in this category. If you can get stable and fast FPS with it, you can probably dial things up a bit more. However, this is a starting point:

  • Display mode – full screen
  • aspect ratio – The native resolution of the monitor
  • Resolution – Indigenous
  • field of view – 90-93. This is more of a personal preference, so experiment.
  • Color blind mode – personal preference.
  • Sprint View Shake – Minimal
  • Nvidia Reflex – Allowed
  • v sync – Disabled. This is an important one
  • Adaptive Resolution FPS Target – 0
  • Adaptive Super Sampling – Out of
  • anti-aliasing – Off/TSAA
  • Texture Streaming Budget – Medium/Low
  • texture filtering – Anisotropic 2X
  • Ambient occlusion quality – Out of
  • Sunshade Detail – Low
  • Sun Shade Cover – Low
  • Spot Shadow Detail – Low
  • Volumetric Flash – Disabled
  • Model Detail – Low
  • Effect Details – Low
  • impact marks – Disabled
  • Ragdolls – Low

Shadows and graphics quality have a big impact. Although features like V-Sync and Anti-Aliasing also have a decent impact. These are probably the most important ones to govern.

Apex settings for gameplay

Best Apex Legends settings

A lot of the best Apex Legends settings in Season 14 depend more on what’s best for you. For some of these there is no objectively correct choice, but there are some general recommendations. However, if you want to tweak everything, these are some gameplay settings tips:

  • Type of interaction prompt – Compact
  • Hints – Out of
  • Reticle Damage Feedback – On
  • damage numbers – Not 100% necessary, but it can help.
  • Ping Opacity – faded
  • Minimap rotation – On
  • gun carCycle at Empty – On
  • Auto Sprint – Out of
  • Incoming Damage Feedback – 30
  • Taking damage closes death box or menu – On
  • Hop Up Pop Up – On
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audio settings

Best Apex Legends settings

The audio section is an often underestimated part of the full Apex setup. However, this can be very important. You must be able to clearly hear the in-game audio cues. Players must recognize footsteps, other legends, and anything else in the game that provides clear audio. These are some general recommendations;

  • master volume – 100% unless you can’t control your overall volume for some reason.
  • Voice Chat Settings – These depend on your personal preferences and your headset.
  • Volume of the sound effects – 90-100%
  • dialogue volume – 80%
  • music volume – 40%
  • Lobby music volume – preference

That’s a great start. However, you should also adjust depending on your exact headset, the perfect mix will vary depending on the hardware.

mouse settings

Best Apex Legends settings

The sensitivity and mouse settings in Apex are pretty important for getting responsive controls. This one can be tricky to just go up and switch to a recommended character. The best Apex-Sens is different for every player.

However, there are some general rules. Sensitivity tends to be better when it’s lower, with a larger mouse range. This allows you to perform larger arm movements. These moves, in turn, make it easier to aim more accurately and clearly, allowing you to aim more accurately at range as well. With higher sensitivity you won’t be as precise although you will have faster cornering speed.

These are some general sensitivity recommendations:

  • mouse sensitivity – 1.3-3.0
  • ADS Multiplier – 1.2
  • mouse acceleration – Out of
  • reverse mouse – Out of

These probably feel far away coming from a higher purpose. It is better to gradually change this. Fine tune little by little to find your perfect sense with minor adjustments, don’t just pick a random setting and try to get used to it.

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The best Apex Legends settings in Season 14 for sensitivity vary widely. Experiment with the sensitivity. Try dialing it in until you find the settings that are just right for you. This is an area where you should personalize.

ADS multipliers for Apex Sens

These are set up to allow you to aim higher when flying through different zoom sights with ADS. You shouldn’t set these too high because the higher your sense, the more mouse movements will move your cursor. For long-range shots, this can cause you to lose your aim. Try to keep them within the 1 range.

More improvements for the best Apex Legends settings

These are the best Apex Legends settings in the game. However, there are other changes you can make to improve things as you play. These are some other changes to get better performance.

How to raise your FPS in Apex Legends

Apex Legends isn’t the easiest game to tweak. If you want to get the best possible performance, you need to manually override the FPS. Normally you would have to enable V-Sync, but you can do this without having it enabled. This is like:

  • Right-click Apex in your game library.
  • Choose Properties
  • Go to the General tab on Steam or Advanced Launch Options on Origin.
  • Add “+fps maxunlimited” to the command line arguments.

All this does is tell the game not to cap your FPS, it’s perfectly safe! That’s the single most important thing you can do to ensure you’re running the best Apex Legends settings in Season 14. Playing at a better frame rate will give you a boost no matter what Legend you play with and where they rank on an Apex Legends leaderboard.

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