Best Atomic Heart PC settings: fix stuttering and increase FPS

Atomic Heart is one of the first major day-one releases for Game Pass with impressive graphics, although many say this comes at the expense of a poor story and main character.

As current gen graphics are fully displayed, players must have a current gen console or mid to high tier PC. As with some games, there are likely to be issues at launch, and this guide will help you fix them for PC.

Note the PC system requirements for Atomic Heart so you know you can at least run the game.

Here’s all the information you need to know about the best Atomic Hearts PC settings and the best way to fix stuttering issues.

What are the best Atomic Heart PC settings?

Screen grab via Mundfish

In at the store Atomic HeartFrom the main menu go to Settings and scroll down to the Quality tab where you will see a list of visual settings. You can use the Medium preset as a base, but consider adjusting the settings below if you’re having trouble. You can always zoom things in later if you are

  • Depth of field: Out of
  • Motion Blur: Out of
  • DLSS frame generation: Out of
  • NVIDIA Reflex: Out of
  • Fidelity FX Super Resolution: Out of
  • Hard Drive Speed: SSD if present
  • Number of objects: Low

Anything else included in the medium setting should be fine for most computers that can run the game, but you can set the game to minimum settings if needed. If so, consider disabling or reducing the settings above.

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How to fix PC stuttering and increase FPS in Atomic Heart

If you are trying to fix stuttering and pc problems in Atomic HeartThere are a few different best practices that you can try.

Update your graphics driver

There could be an issue with the way the game runs on an updated version of your graphics driver, which can cause problems. Graphics cards usually get updates every few months, and some even get special settings for new games. Open your update menu, like NVIDIA Experience, and make sure your drivers are up to date.

Close all background software and programs

Atomic Heart will likely eat up a large amount of your memory due to the number of enemies and some of the more intense environments. Having other programs open, like Discord or a streaming program, may use more of your computer’s memory while the game tries to load. Consider using Task Manager to also delete apps that you don’t need to be running in the background.

Restart your computer

If you’ve been playing other games, your computer may need to be restarted to reset the memory. This also gives Steam or the Xbox app a chance to update itself if for some reason your connection to the game is caused by the platform. This can solve a variety of issues, so make sure you try before refunding the game.

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