Best Bed Frames On Amazon 2023

Between looking fabulous and providing support, a bed frame carries a lot of weight—literally. The best bed frames are a centerpiece of the bedroom, not just a furnishing you use for hours on end each day, which makes choosing one that suits your style and décor essential. But these pieces also have an additional (and slightly more important) duty of ensuring you and your mattress are well supported all night long. It doesn’t matter how soft and thick your mattress is if your bed frame doesn’t offer adequate support.

Given the important roles of a bed frame, it’s not surprising that they often come with a hefty price tag. However, if you know where to look, you don’t have to sacrifice quality, utility or style to save a few bucks. To find the best affordable bed frames, we turned to Amazon. From minimalist to platform bed frames to trendy upholstered headboards, we’ve found a plethora of frames that will suit every style. Whether you’re setting up a new bedroom or making a design change, here are the best bed frames on Amazon that’ll upgrade your space and sleep without hurting your wallet.

Best Minimalist Bed Frames On Amazon: Zinus Platform | Linenspa Contemporary | Mellow Platform Bed Frame | Zinus Mia

Best Upholstered Bed Frames On Amazon: Allewie Modern | Zinus Curtis | DG Casa Bardy | Molblly Platform Bed Frame

Best Industrial Bed Frames On Amazon: Sha Cerlin Industrial | Likimio Frame | Vecelo Queen Metal Platform Bed Frame

Best Vintage-Inspired Bed Frames On Amazon: Allewie Modern Gold | Novogratz Marion Canopy | Elegant Home Products Victorian

Best Bed Frames With Storage on Amazon: Allewie With Storage Drawers | Amerlife Storage Platform Bed | Allewie Wingback Bed Frame

Best Minimalist Bed Frames On Amazon

Less is more with this platform bed frame from Zinus. With no headboard or footboard, it can easily be incorporated into existing decor. (If you do love a headboard, Zinus offers a with-headboard option for $10 more.) The platform and wooden slats give secure support so that the frame doesn’t require a boxspring—just add your mattress and you’re all set. As an added bonus, the frame has a 14-inch clearance, making it ideal for under-the-bed storage.

What the reviews say: With thousands of five-star reviews, this frame is a clear crowd favorite. One shopper writes, “This bed is perfect—solid, attractive and not even a hint of potential squeaking. The height is perfect, not only as storage space, but as a retreat for my pup. I totally recommend this frame.”

While this is one of the cheaper, simpler bed frames on Amazon, it’s still a quality purchase. The contemporary frame is made entirely of steel and designed to fit almost any headboard. It’s got 12 inches of storage space underneath, making it functional and adaptable to any decor style. Plus, it can comfortably hold up to 500 pounds of weight.

What the reviews say: The simplicity of this design makes this bed frame ideal for long-term use. More specifically, it’s great for children because it can adapt as they grow. “Sure, kid beds are cute and make their rooms look nice—but the kids eventually grow out of them and no longer want them. I wanted to find something that was timeless, useful and economic,” one shopper says. “This frame was the perfect solution.”

For shoppers who prefer a mid-century modern style, this classic frame will seamlessly slide into any room. The durable, wooden platform bed has a natural finish and comes with wooden slats that eliminate the need for a box spring. Plus, the slats have non-slip tape to keep your mattress from sliding off the frame, which is handy since it doesn’t have edges to keep the bed in place. With padding between the center bar and wooden slats, sleepers will enjoy a noise-free night of rest. The frame has a 12 inch clearance—a convenient height for easy cleaning under the bed, or storage.

What the reviews say: With 4.5 starts and nearly 15,000 reviewers, this frame is a fan-favorite. “We were comparing Thuma-like options with this and ultimately decided to get this one based on the reviews. We’ve had it for a few months now and it’s held up great! No squeaking (that was an issue for us with another vendor), haven’t needed to tighten anything, and it feels very sturdy,” one writes. “And it’s beautiful, very minimal and clean and high enough off the ground to tuck away storage underneath if needed. Highly recommend, we are very happy with it.”

Zinus Mia Metal Platform Bed Frame (Queen)

139155Save $16 (10%)

The quality and popularity of this budget-friendly Zinus Mia Metal platform bed frame landed it on our roundup of the best platform beds overall so rest assured this pick is money well-spent. The frame comes with wooden slats to support your mattress and the alloy steel gives it a tough, industrial-style look to your space. Its simplicity extends to assembly and disassembly as well—it comes with all the tools you’ll need. You also get a full foot of under-bed storage, the option to buy it with or without a headboard and multiple size options. In other words, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

What the reviews say: Reviewers love how easy the frame is to put together and appreciate the quality despite its low price. “You really don’t even need to look at the directions to put it together. This bed is very sturdy and really strong. I am so happy I bought this bed!” Another notes, “I’m not usually one to write reviews, but I have to praise the manufacturer for making the easiest assembly I’ve ever experienced.”

Best Upholstered Bed Frames On Amazon

Allewie Modern Platform Bed Frame (Queen)

170200Save $30 (15%)

This modern bed frame might be one of the best that Amazon has to offer. The winged headboard adds an upscale touch to the upholstered frame. The fact that it’s so comfortable, though, is what really makes this frame a great find. The foam padding in the headboard creates a pleasant experience no matter which way you sit or lay. An upholstered bed frame can easily cost over $500 so finding a quality one for nearly half that price is a great deal. (Trust me, I own it.)

What the reviews say: “I wanted a bed that was both modern and stylish—this bed exceeded my expectations,” one happy shopper says. Like lots of furniture, it can be easy to end up with pieces that are “modern” but aren’t made well. Finding a headboard that is sturdy and comfortable is a priority for shoppers and this bed fits the bill. Another reviewer notes, “it’s a VERY well-made piece of furniture, and such a great price!”

For shoppers who want a simple, sleek bed frame but love the look of upholstery, this frame from Zinus offers the best of both worlds. Weighing just 59 pounds, it has a modern metal foundation with wooden slats on the inside for added support. The dark grey fabric on the outside gives the frame a clean, neutral look fit for anyone. Not a fan of the shade? Choose between a striking navy or lighter grey option.

What the reviews say: Although this bed doesn’t have a footboard or headboard, it still offers support and quality sleep. Two years after purchasing this bed frame, one shopper says, “We still love this bed. It’s still perfect and sturdy despite our dragging it to rearrange our room a few times. We continue to have a great night’s sleep on it!”

A traditional, tufted, glam-inspired headboard can cost upwards of $500. Amazon offers this faux leather bed frame for half the price. Unlike platform bed frames, a mattress and box spring are required for this frame. The diamond tufted and nailhead design gives a grand, luxe feels that seems too good to truly be $200.

What the reviews say: One shopper says “ I was skeptical of this bed because it seemed too good to be true. But I took the chance and went for it. It is such a beautiful bed! The pictures don’t do it justice.” Another adds, I was hesitant to buy this bed at first but I’m so glad I bought it! The quality is unbelievable for the price. And the bed looks a lot better than photos.”

Molblly Queen Bed Frame Upholstered Platform with Headboard (Queen)


You get it all with this bed frame—style, budget-friendliness and function. The headboard is made of memory foam and wrapped in high-quality linen to offer soft support while you relax sitting upright and reading or watching TV in bed. That cushion also extends to the side rails to provide a buffer if you’re prone to bumping into things with your shins or knees. The frame comes with velcro wooden slats and clearly labeled parts, promising a simple and quiet assembly with no power tools required. The bed frame is also designed with a middle leg support to prevent sagging and give the center of your mattress an extra boost. 

What the reviews say: “I cannot believe how well-made this headboard and frame is for the price,” says a happy sleeper. “Unbelievably easy to put together and feels very sturdy. It even came with a small ratchet wrench to tighten the screws which made everything easier. I put it together by myself in under an hour.”

Allewie Queen Platform Bed Frame (Queen)

210250Save $40 (16%)

This bed frame offers style and function for less than $300—what more could you ask for? The upholstery makes it feel comfortable and inviting while the button-tufted headboard gives it sophisticated style. Many bed frames are popular for having 10 to 16 inches of clearance underneath for storage. This bed, though, has two built-in drawers; the concealable storage is a hit with Amazon shoppers.

What the reviews say: Bed frames and basically anything with drawers can take a bit of time to assemble—well, this is a combination of both. Majority of shoppers mention that assembly was difficult, but each admitted that this frame is worth the hassle. “This is a beautiful product once it is put together. It looks awesome and you can’t beat the absolutely incredible amount of storage.”

Best Industrial Bed Frames On Amazon

Sha Cerlin Bed Frame With Industrial Wooden Headboard (Queen)

129160Save $31 (19%)

This rustic-style bed frame is made of metal with a wooden headboard and low footboard, but there’s still plenty of room underneath for added storage. The bed also comes with rubber strips pressed into the slats to prevent noise. Plastic foot plugs are added to the bottom of the bed feet to ensure they don’t scratch your floors. As for installation, the frame comes together using an upgraded lock design which is easy to assemble (no tools needed!) and disassemble.

What the reviews say: Almost every reviewer has one word to describe this bed: “Sturdy.” One shopper says, “I was able to assemble it alone and was impressed with the sturdiness during and after assembly.” Another adds, “This thing is a TANK. No flex, no movement, super reinforced. Just buy it.”

Bring a rustic warmth into your bedroom with this black metal bed frame. The woodgrain on the headboard and footboard is textured and designed to look like real wood. It also comes in three different shades that are equally stylish, allowing you to go for a retro feel as well. The frame’s durable model, under-the-bed storage and easy assembly all make it a strong, solid choice for your everyday sleep needs.

What the reviews say: Fans of this bed frame note its sturdiness, storage space and aesthetic. “I was impressed with how the bed frame was packaged,” says one happy sleeper. “Directions were straightforward and easy to follow. Frame is sturdy. The best part is the ample storage under the bed which is why I picked this frame. Great bang for your buck.” A parent notes, “I have a son who is quite a big boy and not very easy on the furniture. But we’ve had this bed for several months and no problems whatsoever. This was probably one of the best furniture purchases I’ve ever made. And they’re really nice to look at too.”

With 14 inches of clearance under the bed and no need for a box spring, this bed frame is efficiently designed for maximum storage space. It has 14 heavy-duty metal slats with center support legs to prevent sagging and enhance durability. Plus, plastic foot pads are attached to the bottom of the bed frame to protect your floor. Those looking for an industrial bed frame that combines natural wood grain and metal will appreciate this design.

What the reviews say: One satisfied customer says, “This is some of the easiest kit furniture I’ve ever put together. It looks great and took approximately 45 minutes to put it together by myself. A lot of thought went into the packaging of this product and it is much appreciated! Definitely a win!”

Best Vintage-Inspired Bed Frames On Amazon

Allewie Modern Platform Bed Frame With Gold Vintage Headboard (Queen)


If you’re looking to make a bold statement, this gorgeous gold bed frame from Allewie is a great pick. From the design details on the headboard to the stunning color, it’s a showstopper. But it’s not all looks with this bed frame. It’s also designed to be extra sturdy, thanks to the the rubber locks on the feet. The rubber locks reduce friction and allow for a quiet, squeak-free sleep.

What the reviews say: Most reviewers agree that this bed frame is well-made and doesn’t shake or squeak at all. One shopper calls it “sturdy and elegant.” Another admits “I’m a heavier man and I feel completely comfortable laying down on my mattress.”

Canopy-style bed frames are pricey. But this option from Novogratz delivers that dreamy look at a rather affordable price point. It’s perfect for a teenager or adult who wants to transform their room into a dreamy, relaxing space. While the canopy style has a vintage vibe about it, the clean, straight lines give it a modern, luxe look. Plus, it’s got a built-in headboard and footboard with an elevating frame (all that space for storage!), making it as sturdy as it is stylish.

What the reviews say: With over 1,500 5-star reviews, this frame is a hit with Amazon shoppers. While a few reviews mention it’s a bit difficult to assemble, the majority rave about the color and quality. One shopper says, “I wanted to give four stars for the assembly but couldn’t because this bed frame is so beautiful.”

Victorian Vintage Style Platform Metal Bed Frame (Queen)

153166Save $13 (8%)

If you’re a fan of the antique Victorian aesthetic, this metal bed frame delivers. The frame includes steel slats that’ll provide solid mattress support and prevent sagging. Besides the lovely style and support, the frame stands 12 inches from the floor, providing ample storage space. Additionally, Elegant Home Products offers free replacement parts so you can sleep in peace, even if a part ends up missing or faulty. Three different color and size options ensures you’ll find the right fit for your space.

What the reviews say: Most reviewers say the frame is sturdy and beautiful and took only an hour to put together. “I struck out with a similar bed from a different seller and made a return. When this product was delivered, I immediately noticed a difference in the weight of the box compared to my first purchase. This was heavy and felt more solid!” says a happy sleeper. Another says, “If you have a small budget, but at the same time want a nice bed, this is one of the best options out there.”

Best Bed Frames With Storage On Amazon

Allewie Queen Platform Bed Frame (Queen)

210250Save $40 (16%)

This bed frame offers style and function for less than $300—what more could you ask for? The upholstery makes it feel comfortable and inviting while the button-tufted headboard gives it sophisticated style. Many bed frames are popular for having 10 to 16 inches of clearance underneath for storage. This bed, though, has two built-in drawers; the concealable storage is a hit with Amazon shoppers.

What the reviews say: Bed frames and basically anything with drawers can take a bit of time to assemble—well, this is a combination of both. Majority of shoppers mention that assembly was difficult, but each admitted that this frame is worth the hassle. “This is a beautiful product once it is put together. It looks awesome and you can’t beat the absolutely incredible amount of storage.”

This platform bed has a 1000-pound weight capacity, which is on the higher end when compared to the other bed frames on this list. Underneath the bed are four extra-large drawers mounted on moving wheels to effortlessly hold bedding or other belongings. The drawers aren’t solid on the sides, though, so this bed frame is best suited for storing bulkier items that won’t fall through. As for noise, this frame is designed with sponges that stick on the frame to ensure the mattress fits firmly and won’t squeak. It’s also simple to assemble, thanks to the a buckle design—the company claims it will take two people just 30 minutes to put together.

What the reviews say: “[This frame was] super easy to set up [with] clear instructions. [The] box was very heavy which I did not expect for the price,” one reviewer writes. They also said the frame “looks great” and they “would definitely recommend [it].”

It will be hard to find a more stylish, budget-friendly bed than this tufted wingback frame with a headboard and footboard. It has four under-bed storage drawers with wheels to keep clutter at bay, which seamlessly slide into the bed and look invisible when tucked away to maintain the frame’s fashionable appearance. Also, the headboard is made with dense foam padding to comfortably support your head and back if you like to sit up in bed and read or watch TV.

What the reviews say: “It went together quickly and the introductions were easy to follow,” says one reviewer. “The finished frame is sturdy and looks good. I saw at a furniture store they we selling a variation for 2k. If you like the style it’s an easy decision to buy it.”

How We Chose The Best Bed Frames On Amazon

To compile this list, some of our prior mattress and sleep experience came into play—we’ve published dozens of stories in this category—so we have a solid idea of what makes a decent bed frame (and what doesn’t). Additionally, we depended heavily on customer reviews: Each pick has hundreds, if not thousands of reviews and an average rating of more than 4 stars. We also decided to add products for a variety of lifestyles and bedroom aesthetics, including minimalist metal frames, options with storage, trendier picks with intricate details and more. In addition to style, function and popularity, each bed frame had to be affordable, which is why all our favorite options are $250 or less.

This list is updated regularly and was last updated February 2023.

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